Vestri I Classici Amargo

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This is my second Vestri bar, bigger but with less of a pedigree than the single estate ‘Hacienda Alegre‘ bar I reviewed a while ago. Vestri are one of Tuscany’s top chocolate makers, and after the Hacienda Alegre bar, I was expecting good things.

This bar is made from 81% ‘Finca’ cacao – Finca being a Spanish (and presumably Italian) word for an estate or farm. Unfortunately there’s no indication of where the cacao is from or which variety of beans go into this bar bu it has a dark, deep aroma with a hit of bitterness.

As you can see, it’s also been moulded in a very distinct way. No doubting who made this one!

The dark, bittersweet flavours hinted at when I smelled the bar were amplified when I tasted it. A mild acidity on the tongue which didn’t intensify too much as the chocolate melted. A light mouthfeel with definite bittersweet cacao flavours which included citrus and winey overtones. It has a slightly grainy texture (as one might expect from such a high cacao content) but never becomes too earthy and maintains a smooth, clean finish with those wine and fruit aromas lingering on the palate.. I’ve had bars in the seventy percents that were far more bitter and difficult than this one. It’s an excellent, classic bittersweet dark chocolate bar, pure and simple.

Like the previous Vestri bar, it’s available through Baruzzo Chocolate. Not cheap at over a fiver a bar, but if you’re on a mission to taste the best Europe has to offer, this has to be on your list.


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