Valor 70% With Banana

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Valor 70% With Banana

I seem to have stumbled on another Spanish company. But this time, what drew me to it wasn’t the country of origin, it was the addition of banana. Banana and chocolate are paired often in shakes and ice cream, but not so often in a chocolate bar. It’s a first for me, at least.

Beneath its silver foil, the chocolate is nearly as dark as the black outer box, with a fine-lined pattern on each of the dozen pieces.

Valor 70% With Banana

A glance at the ingredients, which are very helpfully in eight languages since English (U.S.) never lists these percentages, shows that there is 0.7% of banana pulp in here. So it’s a real and fresh taste, not artificial. It’s also the perfect part of the flavor, probably split evenly with the chocolate, though your focus goes more to the banana. It maintains its strength throughout. I’m kind of getting the idea that this wouldn’t be my absolute favorite chocolate on its own. It’s hard to isolate it and it is nice and smooth, but I’m wondering if I’d find it too bland. Of course, that’s only a conjecture. It’s a perfect partner to the banana, so my guess is hopefully wrong.

My companions for the tasting dubbed it “a good dessert chocolate,” which is an apt name. Its dessert sweetness is of the fruit kind that a real banana has, coming across in a calm symbiosis with the dark chocolate that you can slowly enjoy after a meal.


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  1. Adriano

    Banana and chocolate are a great combination…I just like to cut banana into long halves and pour warm,melted dark chocolate over…Nothing more…Simple but tastes great.

  2. You’re right, Deanna – it is an unusual combination in a chocolate bar. I’d love to see something like that here in Australia. I wonder, though, if it might work better with a more milky chocolate instead…

  3. Christine

    I’d love to see it in Oz as well. Sounds perfect… absolutely drooling over the lovely photo you have of it here.

  4. Simon

    I second what Kath said. Banana and chocolate is a rarity – probably because the banana tends to either be an artificial (and therefore nasty) flavour, or just that it is so dominant and consequently marches all over whatever chocolate it’s paired with.

  5. Adriano

    l found this 70% Valor chocolate but without banana in my country today…It’s really great…Quite mild taste for 70% dark with a kind of coffee notes…delicious…

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