Ultra Fine Foods Dark Chocolate Orange Bliss

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Ultra Fine Foods Dark Chocolate Orange Bliss

Oh what promise these start with. A name like Orange Bliss means something special, something out of this world!

HOWEVER, I’m sorry, but a maker called “Ultra Fine Foods” doesn’t have much of a ring to it, and I find it puts me off a bit. The name just seems a bit pretentious.

Ignoring that, I felt the need, the need for… chocolate. And these little goodies were sitting in the kitchen patiently awaiting their fate. Time to suck ‘em and see if reality met the promise of the name; and especially after my last experience with the Kaoka Noir Orange, which was pretty damn good.

So I was looking forward to trying another Orange choc creation. Sadly, I have to report these chaps are a disappointing. The chocolate is fine. The orange isn’t. By this I mean the orange just isn’t there.

These guys a pale imitation of the revered Fruchoc. The Fruchoc is a very regional, very local creation, and I’m reliably informed that they are sold in the State of South Australia, and nowhere else. About 67 million of them are sold each year, and absent South Aussies who are pining for their Fruchocs have to content themselves with buying supplies by mail order.

Clearly, somebody else is trying to muscle in on the act by making an imitation. They failed.

These little chaps are about the size, shape, colour, and construction of the Fruchoc. But the execution has not quite made the grade. The chocolate, as I said above, is Ok. Good in fact. But the fruit in the middle is just plain. Ordinary. Nothingy. The test is simple. Suck on a Fruchoc and let it melt slowly until only the fruit in the middle is left. Chew it: Flavour – Lots. Now suck one of these Orange Bliss things. Let the chocolate melt away. The fruit in the middle has a strange texture. I’m too polite to say what it makes me think of. Then chew it. No orange. Nothing really. Just stuff.

We are having no trouble ploughing through the packet, and the kids pronounce them to be “OK”. But these are nothing special.


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  1. How DARE they presume to even consider competing with the venerable Frochoc!????

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