Trader Joe’s French Truffles

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Trader Joe's French Truffles

I thought these might be like a different box of truffles I came across once, but they’re not quite what I expected. Trader Joe’s does have some good prices and quality in their stores, so these are also inexpensive for a good quantity, with 60 pieces or 500 grams inside the red box.

Trader Joe's French Truffles

The “truffles” do have a cocoa powder dusting, but they’re all pinched straight on top, which hurts their looks some. They’re a little precarious to hold, seeming set on melting all over your fingers if you touch them for even the briefest moment, but that just means you have to eat them faster. The chocolate is smooth and cool and creamy and chocolatey and sweet. It doesn’t have all those nice subtle flavors and melts pretty quickly, but it isn’t bad. Almost reminds of Dove chocolate in a way. The taste of the cocoa powder seems to save it from being too much like a chocolate syrup.

So. . . what can I say? “Truffles” is not the right word to use here, but they’re edible and plentiful and even very appealing. Just ignore the “Imported from France” label on four of the box’s six sides. It doesn’t say anything special about these average above-average chocolates.


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  1. silvermage2000

    Ooh I like chocolate truffles. These do sound pretty good. I have no idea if there is a trader joes near by me though.

  2. B

    These truffle are the most delicious chocolate I’ve ever tasted… this reviewer is on crack!!!!

    • Suzanne Devlin

      Yes, I agree that the reviewer is nuts. Maybe not on crack but these are authentic French truffles exactly how they’re made in France. In fact, these are “imported from France” and are the classic chocolate truffles dusted in cocoa as they’re supposed to be made.

  3. Sue

    I’d check the ingredients if I were you ………….. I think the first ingredient is palm or palm kernal oil. I tasted a few and the texture was so off for a “real” truffle that I wasn’t surprised when I saw the list of ingredients. I threw the box away …………… a total surprise (and disappointment) from TJs.

  4. john goeman

    I got some for Christmas and found them Delicious and plan to order some more if I can gind the price and order info.

  5. Lydia

    These are the best chocolates ever in the whole entire world. Who cares about the ingrediants, these are heaven on earth!

  6. jw

    I love them! They are great to give as gifts!

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