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Café Theobroma Buddha

One of the nicer things about being an unashamed chocoholic is that friends always know what presents to give you, and dear mates Jill and Kent decided to bring over a chocolate Buddha from Melbourne’s Theobroma Chocolate Lounge during their last visit.

For the purposes of retaining the friendship it will be automatically assumed that they don’t think that the Buddha’s physique resembles this particular Chocablogger’s; just that it looks interesting. And tasty.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge uses Belgian chocolate but makes their shapes, hollow figures and filled chocolates in Melbourne. Their website announces that with their arrival ‘chocolate is no longer boring’. Hmmmm, I think that statement is a tad presumptuous. After all why do we have a blog with new reviews every day if the glorious brown foodstuff is boring?

To be fair to Theobroma, I’ve only been there once and enjoyed my gorgeous mug of hot chocolate and huge chunk of triple chocolate mousse cake but was too shy to whip out my camera and photograph it. They are apparently also well known for their chocolate and fruit fondue platters, marshmallow dipping sticks and waffles as well as doing a rather nice range of savoury foccaccias, pastas and of course their gourmet chocolates. I’ll investigate those another time; perhaps when choco-boredom sets in and needs to be eradicated.

Back to Buddha. Apart from being made of Belgian chocolate, there were no ingredients or cocoa content on his little plastic container, so it was entirely up to looks and taste. I tentatively gave his belly a little rub before wondering where the most appropriate place was to bite into first, especially being such a revered spiritual leader and all.

I decided on his belly. CRACK! He exploded open in anger or glee, I’m not sure which, and I had little shards of chocolate under my eyes, melting instantly.

Café Theobroma Buddha

After a big laugh and a small tidy up, it was time to taste a few chunks of our Belgian Buddha Boy.

To be honest, everything that is advertised as gourmet or hand made here in Australia is invariably touted as using ‘the finest Belgian chocolate’ but no information is given specifically on who made it, what’s in it, why it’s so fabulous etcetera. I’m no mathematician, but the law of averages does suggest that even Belgium is likely to have some chocolate manufacturers that aren’t particularly good.

In this case though, I can climb off my high horse because the Buddha was delicious. He didn’t hold any surprising new flavour notes though, just the expected good quality, sweet and silky flavour that you’d expect from Belgian milk chocolate.


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  1. Ben

    I love Buddha and I love Chocolate – I shall have to get me one of these…

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I can’t believe you killed the Buddha! And ate him!

  3. Maggie

    I’ve never been a religious creature, but now I think I might go into Buddhism, as long as it involves munching on these 😉
    BTW, Theobroma’s website looks really appealing.

  4. Dom Dom Dom, he was made of chocolate. I’m not made of stone, you know! 🙂

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    No… you’re made of chocolate. And somewhere there is a giant Buddha looking for you…
    That’s Karma. 🙂

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