The Cheesecake Factory Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake

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We don’t review an exorbitant amount of desserts on Chocablog, especially ones coming from restaurants versus cafes. This particular cake is from The Cheesecake Factory, yet it struck me enough that I decided it merited a review.

For those unfamiliar with it, The Cheesecake Factory is a chain restaurant which, in addition to a wide variety of cheesecakes and a diverse breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, also has quite the cake selection. There is Linda’s Fudge Cake, the Black-Out Cake, Chris’ Outrageous Chocolate-Cake, and this Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake. It all sounds appealing, but I have a firm opinion on restaurant desserts: if I’m going to have the guilt of eating dessert after already having dinner, it must be worth it. If I just want something sweet, I always have chocolate at home, so I raise the standard on desserts.

Also necessary to note is that I’m not the hugest cake fan. The Black-Out Cake, for instance, I’ve had before, and while I enjoyed it, it still wasn’t quite good enough. But the Truffle Cake’s description sounds so tempting: “layers and layers of fudge cake with chocolate truffle cream and chocolate mousse.” Complex as that may be, I argue that part of its success is in simplicity. Compare it to the chocolate volcanoes you get everywhere: they’re surrounded by hype. Chocolate cake, ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, all made to seem so exciting without being worth anything once you return to a basic approach.

I believe there are seven layers of cake, with the truffle cream and mousse alternating for the in-between layers, making this quite a large piece. It does have whipped cream, but it makes for a pretty garnish and is a better quality. (And, yes, you read the fudge letters on the edge of the plate correctly – I was celebrating my birthday).

Texture-wise, I’m guessing the yellower layer is the truffle cream. It’s smooth and lightly rich. The mousse layer could be served up as its own dish; I did love having it in the mix. The small chocolate pieces on the side are the right size to add to the experience. My praise of the cake itself is for the thin size of the layers; it almost serves as a base for the other elements, making it quite a good choice for me. The richness being achieved by all the layers (as compared with the rich density of, say, a flourless chocolate cake) also means that you can potentially eat more at a time. I still didn’t finish mine in one sitting, though.

Maybe you’ll pay a couple of dollars more for this dessert than you might elsewhere, but like I said, the dessert has to be worthy, and I find this one worthy.


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  1. Mariangela


  2. Laura

    Oh my goodness… that looks quite wonderful!

    Happy Birthday to you, dear!

  3. Sandra Stoll

    Do you give out the recipe for the seven layer truffle cake, and if so, could I get it? Thank you

  4. sue

    this cake was awesome. i too would love the recipe (so i could make it for my moms birthday). no cheesecake factory in michigan and they won’t ship (they only ship cheesecake)

  5. brian

    this cake is awesome, your description and explanation do it justice!

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