Tesco Finest Triple Choc Shortbread

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Tesco Shortbread

We don’t often review supermarket bakery stuff, but as I’m currently sitting here with a mouthful of shortbread and a nice cup of tea, I thought I may as well write about it.

These four large chocolate chip shortbread cookies set me back £1.39, which I thought was a little expensive when I bought them. Having actually eaten one (..and a bit..) (mmm… and a bit more…), I’ve decided they’re worth the price.

It’s quite tough to get a feel for the quality of chocolate in these, despite looking like they’re loaded with choc chips, they’re not particularly chocolatey in taste. The triple choc is obviously white, milk and dark, but it’s impossible to pick out the individual flavours.

Tesco Finest Triple Choc Shortbread

But the shortbread is simply delicious. It’s soft and smooth and melts away in your mouth from the moment you bite into it. It’s not too sweet, but as with any shortbread, it’s quite filling and can leave your mouth a little dry – so you do need that nice cup of tea to go with it.

I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to pick these up, but if you’re passing the bakery section in Tesco, they’re definitely worth a try.

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  1. Yum! Shortbread (especially when made in the UK and not via an Aussie factory) is always sensational and I keep reminding myself that it’s actually got about as much fat in it as chocolate (the good stuff, anyway) so it’s a rather nice choice to have

  2. Steve

    These are delicious!

  3. I’ve had these and once tried, instantly wished I hadn’t brandished the bag when I came in. I wanted the lot myself they are so yummy! Quite expensive like you say but a gorgeous treat if you luuuurve shortbread (I do!)

  4. cris

    hi everyone, do you know the recipe?
    i love it, and i am not at the moment in uk :(,but i missed with my tea

  5. Nikolas

    i’m eating one right at this moment 🙂

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