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I found this block at the usual place for imported Polish chocolate, yes, the butcher shop you are all sick of hearing about. There was no special reason to choose this, apart from it was there, and I kinda liked the picture of the tree.

In doing a very quick bit of research, I thought I should check the web site for Terravita.

It’s a flash site, and it’s all in Polish – which is shame because it’s so strange and quirky that I’d love to see it in English as well. Even though I have no idea what’s being said, the graphics, crazy Heath-Robinson / Rube Goldberg cartoons and animations has had me hooked, and watching to see what some crazy machine or mouse will do next. It’s all very clever… so what will the chocolate be like?

First impression: this has the largest “Nutrition Facts” panel that I think I have ever seen on any food product, ever. So I’m thrilled to find that the 77% chocolate contains 4 servings of 40g each, and of that, 16g is fat and 17g is dietary fibre! Hey – dietary fibre is supposed to be good for you, and this has more of it than fat. The excuse I’ve been looking for is here – each chocolate, it keeps you regular!

In terms of flavour, this is what I call “closed” – it takes quite a while to develop, and is quite subtle to build up. If you compare it to say a Lindt 70%, the difference is quite noticeable. The Lindt melts quite quickly, the flavour builds quickly, and you get a nice big hit quickly. The Cocoacara, by comparison, is slow to develop the flavour; it melts slowly, and the flavour is not as strong. There are hints there probably of vanilla, and the very slight bitterness to be expected of a high cocoa chocolate

This is a curious one. I don’t dislike it, but nor do I especially like it; it’s sort of a bit challenging and if I were to offer it around the colleagues and fellow chocolate fiends I suspect some of them would reject it. By the time I’ve tried the third piece it seems to be growing on me, but I’m still not really sure what to make of it.

Competently made: yes. Exciting: not so sure.


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  1. Fathima

    Interesting review. Where I am now,in Doha Qatar, I’ve only come across Alpen Gold and Carletti as far as Polish chocs go. whilst the former was rather yum the latter not really my thing. Hope those in power do bring down Cocoacara dark chocs too!

  2. Allyson

    You need to try the orange & chilli dark chocolate; it is wonderful!

    • m dee

      yes it is amazing..

    • Charlene E.

      I found a ‘terravita’ chocolate flavored bar with Truffle cream filling @
      Big Lots ‘of all places’. It is the best tasting Truffle I’ve ever had. The bars
      were marked a $1. As soon as I ate my one bar, I went back to see if there
      were more. There were 3 left and I bought all 3. How do I find more???
      Charlene E.

  3. Penelope Allingham

    Agree with Allyson, the orange & chilli dark chocolate is amazing. Also love the Coffee and Cardamon. Both unique!

  4. m dee

    BTW it is 17g total carb.
    5g dietary fiber

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