TCHO ‘Fruity’ Dark Chocolate

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TCHO Fruity

When I visited the Chocolate Unwrapped show with Dom a while back, I picked up TCHO this bar, as well as the ‘Citrus‘ and ‘Nutty‘ bars. As my previous review states, both myself and my friend who tried the bars with me were not particularly taken by it. The Fruity bar fared somewhat better for several reasons.

But first, some background about this bar. The chocolate beans chosen for this bar apparently come from a remote savannah in Peru. Like the “Citrus” bar, the “Fruity” bar relies solely on the flavourful overtones of the particular type of bean used, rather than the addition of any form of actual fruit.

TCHO Fruity

In this case, however, the beans do seem to pack plenty of flavour that seems to mature in your mouth as you bite into the chocolate, giving it a definite berry finish. The blurb lists cherry and raspberry with a raisin finish. While I couldn’t quite taste the raisin, I did definitely get the cherry feel, with a hint of the tartness of raspberry.

TCHO Fruity

The chocolate itself, while dark, was actually quite creamy – almost like milk chocolate in consistency, tough obviously still dark-tasting (and so a bit too bitter for me).

While I couldn’t completely shake my dislike of everything dark chocolate, my more open-minded friend did enjoy this bar. Out of the two we tried, this one definitely won hands down.


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  1. Agree with Ben, love the packaging! And I’m intrigued by the idea on relying on the bean flavour rather than adding any fruit. Am quite tempted by the sound if it, fab review!

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