Tago Bartek

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Tago Bartek

Have I reached the end of my quest? The hunt for a good chocolate wafer biscuit…

Thus far the search has been far and wide, and pretty much disappointing. So the other day when I found Tago Bartek, I though it worth trying. This is another from Poland – land of many yummy chocolatey things. But what is it with Poland and chocolate? I’m finding an awful lot of Polish imports here, it seems over-represented. Is it the national industry or something?

The name in particular is something I find appealing. Perhaps it’s the inner geek struggling through, but the idea of a big bar of chocolate wafer being called “Bartek” is somehow appealing. Either that or it’s the name of a course at the local adult education college about the properties of reinforcing bars in concrete construction.

Tago Bartek

Whatever the name might imply, the contents are pretty good. We have a decent wafer, of about 4 layers. The whole thing is roughly 15 cm x 4 cm – so a decent size. It has a nice coating of chocolate over, and the layers are glued together with a very pleasant, slightly sweet, chocolatey cream. On mine, the chocolate coating had been knocked off in one or two places, so presentation was not quite as good as it could be. But for a cheap snack, who cares?

Tago Bartek

Perhaps the only disappointment is that on biting in, the wafer is not as crisp as I think it should be. However, the overall package of the wafer, the filling, the coating and the generous size means that on 3 out of 4 points, everything is done right. On one point, it’s not quite where it should be.

The other important thing to note about these is that they might seem generously sized. That does not mean they are suitable for sharing.

I’ll keep on the quest for the perfect chocolate wafer. Right now though, this one has to get the top ranking.


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  1. Aisyah

    if u are looking for a chocolate wafer that is not coated in chocolate, you can try to get your hands on the wafers from Loacker. you can get them from Malaysia and Singapore. Not sure if they have them in the UK or Australia. they come in bite-sized bits in a resealable bag. absolutely addictive =D

  2. Srebrna


    Bartek is diminutive of Bartholomew.

    If you are looking for something more crispy, look for (also Polish ;)) “Grześki” of Kaliszanka, reportedly best-selling Polish wafer brand. Covers look like this: http://www.dostawy.pl/sklep/img_items/b/214/21479.jpg
    If you find them, remember that they come in several different (also fruit) kinds, so check what you are buing. Also non-coated.

  3. Christine

    Have you tried Oreo Wafer Sticks? They’re not too bad for a quick snack and best of all… portion control 🙂

    You can get them in the biscit section at coles and they have chocolate, chocolate mint & white chocolate.

  4. I like the name ‘Bartek’, he sounds like a bloke who wouldn’t mind if you threw up in his car; the kind of guy who can tap a keg and catch the cricket ball when it’s hit for six into the crowd…

  5. The sort of bloke who would catch the cricket ball in his teeth 🙂

  6. I’m a serial-commenter. It’s probably because I have an opinion on everything an,

  7. brittney

    i love the bartek bar it is the best 🙂

  8. yeah, Sebra’s got right – Grzeski are yummy <3

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