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Swiss Glory is not a isolated nudist outpost but a well-respected chocolate manufacturer that has been operating in South Australia since 1979. It is, perhaps not surprisingly, run by Swiss immigrants who are extremely skilled at chocolate making.

They regularly win the ‘Champion Chocolate’ award at state and national royal shows and yet remain the second-cousin to Adelaide’s most famous chocolatier, Haigh’s. Reasons for their B-list status is unclear but it might have something to do with their location (in the butt-ugly industrial sector of Stepney compared to the heritage-listed inner city ‘beehive corner’ building owned by Haigh’s); total silence on the advertising front or the ‘We’re just getting on with things and not sticking our noses into other areas’ attitude that the Swiss are known for (in fact they don’t even have their own website).

Whatever: they make sensational chocolate. It is with a great deal of trepidation that I make the following statement: Swiss Glory’s plain milk chocolate bar is the closest reminder to Lindt’s that I have ever tasted. Truly. It has a very creamy consistency that easily dissolves on the tongue, providing the classic good ‘mouth feel’ expected and delivered by Lindt. On the negative side, having three fingers molded in a generic bar-shape, wrapped up in plastic with no ingredients listed on the back doesn’t make it the most attractive option for gift-giving.

Swiss Glory

Swiss Glory’s dark chocolate also refuses to divulge any ingredients or cocoa-mass on the back of the wrapping. My guess is that it’s around 40-50% and can be placed in Lindt’s dark blue Lindor ball category. Very, very nice and definitely needs a more respectful packaging to give it the respect such top quality chocolate deserves.

Luckily for me, Swiss Glory had some ‘special selection’ hand-made truffles on sale in, again, a plastic bag. Never one to judge by appearance (especially where bargain-but-good chocolate is concerned) I rushed home and eagerly shared them with my husband, Love Chunks.

Swiss Glory

Honestly, I tried my best to still my excitedly-fidgeting hands long enough to slice some truffles down the middle and photograph them but this picture does them about as much justice as Paris Hilton to humanitarian causes.

These modest little lumps were a real find. The dark chocolate heart literally sang to us with its filling of a deliciously delicate honey crème. Thank goodness there were two in the bag! The dark barrel was filled with a well-crafted rum filling that wasn’t over powering but perfectly complemented the chocolate; the white truffle was a buttery, creamy ball of hazelnut ganache gorgeousness and the liqueur milk truffle with real cherry pieces was a delightful surprise. The white-chocolate dusted truffle was filled with a milk chocolate and coffee mixture that worked surprisingly well for this lover of dark-choc-n-coffee combos and the dark truffle with even darker filling was sublime.

The milk chocolate truffle was the only disappointment with a significant sugar crackle between the chocolate coating and inside – perhaps a hint as to why they were on sale in the first place – the ‘best before’ date was rapidly approaching. Who cares – I’ll be a much more frequent visitor to the Swiss Glory counter in future.


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  1. BMNS

    The dark chocolate heart “literally” sang to you?!

  2. Oliver

    “The dark chocolate heart “literally” sang to you?!”

    Truely a multi-sensual experience!

    Where do you find these?

  3. Yep, they ‘sang’ – a rare but beautiful experience! They’re available in Australia and, maybe, Switzerland seeing as the makers are originally from there.

  4. river

    You shared? Swiss Glory?? Shared?! Oh I don’t believe it. Have you tried their Sacher Torte? Great with coffee.

  5. river

    Oh and there’s a Swiss Glory outlet under the same roof as the Central Market block, it’s in the Victoria Square arcade.I used to stop there every Saturday for our weekly fix of their vanilla slices.

  6. yum yum yum. i know i’m late to this party but swiss glory has traditionally been the choclatier of choice for generations of my adelaide family. my grandparents sent some truffles over to the uk with my parents for my birthday. truly gorgeous. (and they do package some things right – mum always gets a truffle-stuffed half milk chocolate egg from granddad at easter.) oh and they do something rather marvelous with liquored apricots covered in dark chocolate…

  7. i think there’s a (small) swiss glory in burnside village, too.

  8. Sarah

    Their ivory truffles are to die for!!!. I travel from Tas back to my home town specifically to stock up

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