Sweet Sweet Confections Smores Bars

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Smores Bars

A couple of weeks ago we made fun of Sweet Sweet Confections for their “asking for trouble” eat-as-many-as-you-can competition. Luckily, they didn’t go off in a huff and ignore us, but sent us some of their Smores Bars instead.

Smores Bars are billed as “graham crackers topped with a delicious marshmallow and hand dipped in luscious milk chocolate”. I really had no idea what to expect with these, and when they arrived I was a little worried. The “bars” come in a thin plastic bag (3 per pack), and had been squashed into a single lump.

Smores Bars

After spending a few minutes separating the bars, I decided to take the plunge and take a bite. Now, Chocablog and U.S. chocolates don’t generally get along all that well. More often than not, American chocolate is far too sweet and loaded with so much artificial junk that it comes out with a closer resemblance to candle wax than real chocolate.

But somehow, Sweet Sweet Confections has managed to produce a rather tasty milk chocolate here. There’s plenty of it, and it actually tastes like real chocolate.

The “graham cracker” is soft and more like a cake. Combined with the marshmallow, the closest thing British readers may have had to something like this is probably a Tunnocks Tea Cake.

My only minor issue with Smores Bars is that the Marshmallow is a bit firm with a gelatinous texture, rather than soft and fluffy. Now that could be partly down to having traveled half way around the world in a thin plastic bag, but I think it’s partly by design too.

Aside from that, these are really quite tasty. This clearly isn’t gourmet chocolate, but it’s pretty damn tasty. As far as the chocolate itself is concerned, it’s some of the nicest American milk chocolate I’ve tasted recently.

If the marshmallow were a bit softer and the packaging a bit more substantial, they’d be perfect. As it is, I don’t think I could recommend buying these and having them shipped outside the US – but I’d certainly recommend our American readers give them a go.

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