Sweet Signatures Toffee Pecan Clusters

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Sweet Signatures Toffee Pecan Clusters

I may be getting spoiled by all the toffee I’ve been trying lately — I don’t consider getting spoiled by the chocolate because, after all, a necessity can’t spoil you. This box of Toffee Pecan Clusters came to me from Sweet Signatures, who have an array of products like cookies, brownies, chocolate-covered graham crackers, and clusters like these.

Their box is only simple gold with a simple gold bow. Not the most eye-catching; it could use more pizazz. Lifting its lid, curiosity came to me. The sticker on the top sheet reads “To enjoy… remove tray and push up from below.” As I set this aside, six large clusters looked up to greet me. Set in gold, they are stuck a bit against the sides of their circular nooks, which is why you have to give them a push from the bottom to get them out.

Sweet Signatures Toffee Pecan Clusters

These clusters come in all three shades, white, milk, and dark. My set, though, is split between both the latter two. Their size is something — I measured a diameter about 2.5 in./6 cm, with a 0.75 in./2 cm. thickness. Not too bad; they’re almost like miniature desserts. If you chop them up, you’ll see quite a bit embedded in the chocolate. Pieces of Heath bars provide the toffee element, alongside chunks of pecan. You get a different selection in each bite, with the toffee giving off its caramel flavors and the pecans their sweet/earthy tones. Both are average, but coupled with the asymmetrical texture, have a tasty effect.

Sweet Signatures Toffee Pecan Clusters

Given the large size of the clusters, even after all the pecans and toffee, there is plenty of space for lots of chocolate. The dark chocolate has a fudgy, brownie taste, while the extra milkiness of the milk chocolate holds hands more with the toffee’s flavor. I’m having a hard time deciding which I like more. I’ll have to go with the milk clusters only because, ironically, I get less of a sugar high with them just a couple bites in.

Sweet Signatures has that comfortable small chocolate company feel, but their prices don’t seem to reflect that. A box of six clusters is $17.50. Yes, they’re big and they taste good, but good enough for nearly $3 each? No. At half the price I would feel better about them.


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  1. Simon

    They look like a posh version of the Taste of Singapore thingummies I reviewed a while back. Stupidly expensive though.

  2. Those do look delicious,and I do agree about the price.
    Especially as Whole Foods sells something similar at
    eithre 99cents or $1.99, either way cheaper, and might
    even be bigger per piece.

  3. I haven’t made this pie, but I always make my caaemrl sauce with nothing but cans of sweetened condensed milk. I actually put the unopened cans down in a large pan of boiling water and boil them for 2-3 hours, adding water as needed. It is THE BEST and easiest caaemrl sauce I’ve ever had. And it’s all natural, nothing but milk and sugar. No hydrogenated oils like you get in some caaemrl sauces.

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