Sugarless Gourmet Dark Chocolate

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After a hard day crawling over and under the house doing a spot of new data wiring – it was time for a reward. The choices on a nice spring day came down to a cold beer, or a cup of tea and some chocolate. Guess which choice I made!

I’ve had the Sugarless Gourmet Dark Chocolate (Swiss Premium, Gluten Free, Dairy Free) in the stash for a while, waiting for a time when I’ve been feeling brave enough to take it on. I’m scared of heights, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. So after a couple of hours today perched on the roof, dragging a cable around and overcoming my fears, it seemed a reasonable thing to overcome another much smaller one – and take on the chocolate in the blue package.

There is something about the packaging of this product: I just don’t like it. The blue / purple colour makes the product look cheap and nasty; first impressions are something we all have, and we all need to try and push those first impressions aside to make a better judgement. Don’t judge a book by its cover / don’t judge a chocolate by its packaging.

So, feeling brave, I ploughed on. Inside the cardboard outer package is a folded, sealed paper package. And inside that is a plastic package. And inside that is some chocolate. Having finally reached my goal, I found that on opening the package there was no aroma to speak of. As I write this, I’ve picked the pack up for a deep sniff, and there still isn’t anything much to smell. It’s kind of weird to have a chocolate with almost no aroma. Disconcerting.

On to the taste test. The texture is unusual, a few pieces don’t really melt like a normal chocolate, and there is no development of flavour. Well, there is some – it’s a little bit chocolaty. But for something that claims to be a Dark Gourmet Chocolate, I’d call this about a 20% chocolate. It has about 20% of the whoomph / flavour / aroma / yumminess that it should have. Perhaps it’s something to do with how its made, or being sugarless? But I’ve eaten a number of other sugarless chocolates before (most notably some of the Cocoa Farm offerings) and they have been packed with flavour and aroma. I’m also a little put off by the use of Maltitol as the sweetener, especially given the side effects. This is not a block to scarf down in a single sitting.

All in all, this is pretty disappointing. Oldest Son just tried some, and his one word summary is entirely correct: Bland. I should have had the cold beer instead.


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  1. You poor old sausage – all that scary work for such an ordinary chocolate. I’d save the review stuff for when you’ve been more sedate in your pursuits and made sure – after climbing on the roof and under the house – that you snacked on no less than Lindt or several handmade truffles 🙂

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