Sucré Chocolates

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Sucré Chocolates

First impressions, as they say, count.

This little box of delights from New Orleans certainly made a good impression on me. The thick, mint green box made from high quality card and decorated with a ribbon is stylish and fun. I knew I was in for something interesting even before I pulled the ribbon.

When I had finished staring longingly at the box, this is what greeted me inside:

Sucré Chocolates

Eight beautifully finished little chocolates carefully packed in. The chocolates all have a hand made look, but it’s a good kind of hand made. A lot of thought has obviously been put into the design and finish of these chocs.

This particular box doesn’t have a name on it, but judging by the enclosed leaflet, Sucré do around 24 different chocolates and then group them together in different ‘collections’. My little box contained:

Lemon Confit
A zest dark chocolate ganache with candied lemon.

Pecan ganache flavored with Praline liqueur.

Milk chocolate ganache scented with black tea infused with fruit, citrus and vanilla.

White chocolate ganache finished with fresh banana and a hint of rum.

Sicilian Pistachio
Roasted Sicilian pistachios compliment a smooth white chocolate ganache, finished with a hint of cinnamon.

Double cream milk chocolate paired with sweet hazelnut wafer crunch.

A brown butter infused white chocolate ganache.

Sucré Dark
Sucré’s signature, “showcasing our single bean chocolate from the Maracaibo region of Venezuela”.

Sucré Chocolates

Having tasted each and every one, I can safely say that the chocolatiers at Sucré are the kind of people who like to experiment with flavours. There’s some really interesting and often slightly weird taste combinations going on here. I found the Blangé (white chocolate, banana and rum) a particularly strange one.

But there’s also some utterly divine flavours like the Magnolia (Pecan / Praline).

The one thing all the chocolates have in common is quality. The finish may not be quite up to the standard of the likes of Hotel Chocolat, but it’s not meant to be. The hand made feel of these chocolates is a major part of the appeal and that’s something larger chocolate companies simply can’t replicate.

It would also make them an excellent gift… but probably not so much if you live outside the US, what with the cost of international postage. It is worth noting that Sucré have a real, physical store in New Orleans, so if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth stopping by.


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  1. They look like edible works of art, Dom.

    Thank goodness that the US manufacturer had a chocolate called ‘Paris’ with some inviting ingredients and that it *wasn’t* made after the other “Bury me in a Y-shaped coffin” (source: Blackadder II) Paris that would surely have contained no other filling than hot air and a hole to see through to the other side…..

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    You know I wouldn’t have even associated “Paris” with “Paris” unless you’d actually pointed out.

    Your mind is a very strange thing.

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