Strawberry Chocolate: Godiva vs Lindt

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Godiva Milk Chocolate Strawberry & Lindt Excellence Strawberry

I blame the Pink Panther. I still remember eating those sickly sweet, incredibly pink bars of strawberry confection adorned with his image many, many years ago and even though I knew they were probably just sugar, fluorescent food colouring and artificial flavours, I was very fond of them.

The whole experience must have gotten lodged somewhere in my head because I’m a bit of a sucker for strawberry chocolate of any variety. So when two different strawberry chocolate bars fell into my lap (not literally…), I was hoping to recapture some of that panther-related excitement.

Godiva’s bar is made with milk chocolate and is 31% cocoa solids. The chocolate itself is quite sweet and really does mask any strawberry flavour until towards the end of each mouthful. The pieces of strawberry are rather small and don’t provide much in the way of texture because they have been freeze dried and are very airy. The result is a very subtle strawberriness that is more like an afterthought than the main attraction.

Lindt, on the other hand, take a very different approach. They’ve gone with white chocolate, or white “chocolate” depending on your point of view, and then packed it with as many little pieces of strawberry as they could without it turning completely pink. It makes for a pretty bar of chocolate that looks very appealing.

Strawberry Chocolate

The aroma of strawberry is incredibly strong and that is, not surprisingly, reflected in the taste too – it is a near perfect recreation of strawberries and cream that is just plain yummy. It might not rank particularly high on the scale of quality chocolate bars and I could lose a whole lot of my Chocablog credibility (assuming I have some…), but I ate the whole thing pretty quickly.

If you are just looking for berry undertones then the Godiva bar would be your best bet, but it was the Lindt all the way for me because they absolutely nail the flavour. It might not be the most sophisticated bar of chocolate, but I’d happily eat another one right now.


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  1. Ana

    I tried the Lindt bar last summer and really liked it. Truly fruity and creamy.

  2. I’m with you. When it comes to strawberry chocolate I don’t want “subtle” I want “strong”! The Lindt bar sounds divine.

  3. They both look excellent! Would love to try them.

  4. Hunny

    Just tried Lindt one. Best chocolate i have had in my life!

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