Skelligs Mint Brittle

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When the lovely people at Skelligs and Cocoa Bean sent me my box of goodies, I found this brown paper bag nestled among the more traditionally packaged treats. The tag told me that it contained a chocolate ‘bark’ (a term I have never come across before) which was a mint brittle. It also carried what looked like a hand stamped logo/design of some islands – very piratical! I half expected a rum confection.

The contents turned out to be wafer thin fragments of dark chocolate – 53.8% to be precise – which contained little grains of mintiness. The moment I popped a few pieces in my mouth I knew this was mint brittle. Like a breath of fresh air, the mint element swept through my mouth and completely took over my tastebuds. It was quite a shock just how minty this stuff was – there was almost no room for the chocolate flavours to come through, until the initial flood of flavour from the little crystals settled down a bit and I could discern a little more of the dark cocoa flavours lurking beneath.

I’d have to say that this isn’t chocolate for the serious chocolate lover, but it is definitely ‘proper’ chocolate. It’s still possible to taste the chocolate after the mint has done the wild thing all over your tongue, but you’re never going to be sat there with your eyes closed trying to pick out the various flavour notes contained in the cocoa as it melts away on your tongue. Having said that, this stuff will give Lindt’s Mint Intense bar a serious run for it”s money, and I for one would prefer Skelligs’ version.

If you’re a fan of minty chocolate (and I know there are a few in my house, judging from the requests for more) then I’d suggest tracking some of this stuff down. It scores big on both mint and chocolate, and it’s handmade by some very nice Irish ladies in a lovely part of the world.


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  1. Áine

    Thanks a million, we all love our mint brittle in the factory, it also comes in lemon in dark and orange in milk(orange is my fav)

  2. Deanna

    Funny: I knew about chocolate bark, but chocolate or mint brittle, now that’s something new to me. I thought there was only peanut brittle.

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