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Travelers in the world of chocolate fondue since 2003, Sephra sells both the fountains (in commercial and household varieties) and the chocolate. A nice fact about the chocolate is that it is designed to not need oil, yet still flow right. Since I don’t own a chocolate fountain myself, when Sephra sent me a few bars of chocolate, I went for the coating and candy making uses instead. I received the Premium Chocolate in Milk and Dark, the Belgian Milk Chocolate, and the Melano Milk Chocolate; all three of these varieties come in dark, milk, and white chocolate. (I also got a Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse mix, which conveniently only needed water and mixing; the fluffy and semi-rich result was about average, but certainly nothing to complain about.)

Worth noting is the size of the chocolate pieces. While other melting chocolates I’ve used have been in larger blocks, the smaller size of these means that they would be easier to combine into certain recipes, like ones where they take the place of chocolate chips, for instance.

Sephra has a long list of recipes on their website, but being too lazy perhaps to track down more than a few ingredients, I only tried the hot chocolate recipe. It takes some of the Premium Dark Chocolate, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. The last ingredient I was forced to leave out, but I nonetheless ended up with a tasty cup of chocolate.

I also dipped some pretzel sticks and poured melted chocolate countless times into heart-shaped molds from Valentine’s Day (plus a Thanksgiving turkey–I couldn’t resist). So the majority of the many bags I had found themselves in bunches of hearts that I sent away with family members, bidding them to share with whomever they pleased in exchange for feedback.

This feedback can really be quite entertaining. “I’m not a dark chocolate person, but this did not have that bitter taste that dark chocolate has.” “That chocolate was so good!” “I had a piece of that chocolate–yum.” From the more analytical to the less, it was all pretty positive. And I think it is the general statements from the crowd that matter most here, on a product that, whether used in a fondue fountain or a candy mold or a cookie recipe, is ultimately going out to the crowd.

For myself, I will say that Sephra is of better quality than your average melting chocolate. The Belgian Milk Chocolate, for instance, I found a surprising level of depth in. Perhaps just the fact that there are the different varieties (Belgian, Premium, and Melano) evidences that they try to pay attention to the chocolate itself, not just how it gets dressed up.


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  1. You see, the rolled candies really look like colored potato chips. I have been following Gourmet chocolate for some time now and can say this collection is marvelous. I like all your photos but I have one favorite amongst them – I keenly admire the lacquered hear shaped pice in the last pic. I mean the sheeny one at the lower left. Its luster and solid shape are adorable.

  2. Great, we love Sephra chocolate, Sephra chocolate perfect for our CFO chocolate fountains. No need oil to make chocolate flow. Easy melt in Fountain.

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