San Churro Tapas

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The thing I enjoy about being a chocolate reviewer is that even though I have to run and power walk as often as possible so that I don’t resemble a human Lindor ball, it does make me feel as though I can ‘treat’ myself after a particularly punishing run.

And thus, I found myself at San Churro coffee shop and chocolateira in Highpoint, Melbourne.

Bear in mind that I’d been for a run earlier that morning and had not eaten any breakfast before rushing out to do the grocery shopping, the banking and search out some obscure hardware parts needed for Love Chunks’ handyman tasks.

Thus, my eyes were fixated on the Tapas tasting plate. It didn’t say for two people, it just had things in divisions of two, so I assumed it would do the trick in providing a midday meal for a hungry Chocablogger.

When it arrived, it left me momentarily – and quite uncharacteristically – speechless. Oh. My. Cocoa Loca Lordy Loo!

In addition to my Chai Latte (yes, I was feeling a bit poncy that afternoon), we have:

San Churro Tapas

Melted ‘chocovic’ milk chocolate from Spain (Top Left)

Dark and milk chocolate ‘catanies’ – praline, toffee and cocoa dusted almonds

Dark chocolate ‘chocovic’ icecream

Two triangles of densely moist and muddy brownies

Salted pretzels for dipping (crunchy, salty and just enhanced the sweet creaminess of the melted milk chocolate)

Four freshly cooked churros – long fried donuts sprinkled in icing sugar that are then dipped into the melted chocolate

Two chocolates of my choice – I chose the ‘Pachamama’ (milk chocolate, peanut butter and salt) and the Caramelo Latte (milk chocolate, caramel and coffee)

Naturally, the melted chocolate and icecream selections also include dark and white chocolate and there are six other divine hand made chocolates to choose from as well.

I ate the ice-cream first and it was as rich and mousse-like as I’d hoped. The churros were crisp on the outside and softly cake-ish in the middle and tasted superb on their own. When dipped into the chocolate they were even better. The Catanies are already a personal favourite of mine and were thoroughly enjoyed as were the brownies.

Everything was top notch quality and wickedly delicious. And yes, I ate everything except six catanies that the waitress put into a cute little cardboard box for me to take home.

And yes, I felt utterly full and sick afterwards and didn’t need any dinner that night. But it was worth it.

And the napkin’s motto really speaks to me: Better to have enjoyed it and made a mess than never to have enjoyed at all. Absolutely!


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  1. kathy

    Ohh that sounds yummy… 🙂 hey how far is that from the Melbourne Airport? (she asked, only half joking)

  2. That looks absolutely delicious! Thank you! This has givin me some idea’s for my next chocolate dessert!

  3. Chocolate tapas…what a fantastic idea!!! It’s a guaranteed sugar high. Thanks for posting it.

  4. Kathy there’s a few in Melbourne now – Highpoint, Fitzroy, Acland St Kilda, Knox, QV in the city (worth a taxi ride, surely?)

    Healthychocolate, you’re welcome. Just make sure you invite me and have a treadmill nearby to use afterwards.

    No worries, Fudge Addict. The catanies themselves are worth the trip and there’ll be separate review on them soon.

  5. Christine

    That looks so fantastic. Must try this soon.

  6. Mariangela

    OMG!!! ….this is wonderful!!! Just reading it makes me drool over my keyboard… Thanks Kath: fantastic review and delicious subject!!!

  7. Ty

    Chocolate Tapas! What a concept, what would you pair that with? 🙂

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