Rocky Mountain Milk and Dark Chocolate

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Rocky Mountain Milk and Dark Chocolate

I’m very familiar with Rocky Mountain’s Milk Chocolate bar, but this is, strangely, my first time trying the Dark Chocolate. Interesting to note that only the Milk says “gourmet.” Maybe they think Dark Chocolate already sounds more fine than Milk Chocolate?

One thing about these is their size. They look and feel a little small for 85 grams because they’re much longer in comparison to their width than most bars. The golden foil-wrapped bars have the same print on them, calling Rocky Mountain “The Peak of Perfection in Handmade Chocolates.” I don’t know if I’d go that far.

Rocky Mountain Milk and Dark Chocolate

Even though I’m kind of in a “must taste every kind of chocolate” mood right now and therefore unlikely to be buying much chocolate I’ve had before, the milk bar is an exception. I usually only eat a little bit at a time, but I’m still tempted to eat this whole bar. It’s very creamy, but not in a melty kind of way. The light chocolate and caramel flavors speak the word “confection” in a wonderful language. It isn’t as greasy as some offerings, but it could still be a little better on that score.

First impression with the dark bar: wow, it’s black!

Rare to find such a dark color, not meaning to say I think it’s a good color. I’ve mentioned what I call the “Nesquik flavor.” Here it is again: thick, gloppy, sweet and black rather than a nice dark. This one has less sugar, but it tastes horridly sweet to me. It was doomed as soon as I laid eyes on it. I really can’t each much of it. Main line: Rocky Mountain is great for confections and I love them for that, but run away from the darker offerings if you’re used to another quality in the dark chocolate world.


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