Rocky Mountain Coco Fizz

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I’m rather fond of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Their stores sell confections more than chocolates, but that’s still nice. Long before Kath reviewed the Chocolade soda, I spied this bottle sitting on top of Rocky Mountain’s glass case, but I never was too interested in trying it as I don’t like carbonated drinks. Of any kind. Or so I thought.

The design is certainly less sophisticated than Chocolade, but maybe they’re right in marketing it more towards kids. The aroma I found nice and familiar. What was it? Oh, that’s right, artifical chocolate taste. Not surprising, considering there’s no mention of chocolate in the ingredients. Only “natural and artifical flavor.” Ah. But I truly liked the concept. Because it’s carbonated, the chocolate flavor comes more as an aftertaste, but you get both at almost the same time, anyway. It also has a pretty, chocolately color, however (since there isn’t any coloring in it) I think we have the cane sugar used to thank instead of any chocolate.

I’m not sure how Chocolade was made, but my only problem with Coco Fizz is that it’s a “fake chocolate” taste. With more quality ingredients, I’d be all for it. Even as it is, I say, rather nice.


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  1. Sean

    WHAT!? This “drink” tastes terrible! The aftertaste is like throwing up a tootsie roll. I will never drink another Coco Fizz.

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