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After one of my recent reviews where I waxing lyrically about a bar with mint and cocoa nibs, I received an email about how someone else had been smart enough to make that particular combination. Naturally, I was interested. The person in question was Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt, and her company Rite Chocolate adds an unusual twist to their product – it comes in a jar. She calls it “spoonable decadence” and that turns out to be a pretty accurate description.

Basically, this is like a gourmet chocolate spread, except it is good enough to just eat straight out of the jar with a spoon. And I did. There are quite a few varieties available, including the mint and nib one (which goes by the name of “Innocence” ) and the one thing that they all have in common is that they are made with natural, raw and organic ingredients. Nothing wrong with that at all. The base of all varieties is made with cacoa powder, virgin coconut oil, honey, vanilla, sea salt, plus some mesquite and maca thrown in because of their supposed beneficial effects.

I was sent a jar of The Churning Point which uses ghee instead of the coconut oil, and that adds some additional richness and depth to something which is already rich. Or to put it another way, I didn’t need too much of this at one sitting. Just one spoonful by itself was enough to satisfy my cravings, but when I spread it on ice cream or biscotti when I was able to munch my way through more. The little four ounce jar lasted longer than I expected it to, but all too soon I was trying to scrape out every last remnant – basically, I licked the jar clean.

While it isn’t possible to say what percentage this is the equivalent to, the predominant flavour is chocolate – it isn’t sweet by any means and also has a wonderful depth of flavour that presumably comes from the mesquite. So there’s an earthiness that sticks around at the end, and suggests just a hint of heat as it all fades away.

The Rite Chocolate website has all kinds of suggestions of how to enjoy their product, including a few strange ones, although the cooking ones make the most sense – this could be a great way to add a concentrated dose of chocolately goodness to any recipe. But it is the uniqueness of these jars which makes them so appealing because it isn’t every day that you find something yummy that you haven’t come across before.


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  1. Lisa Marie’s chocolate is AMAZING! When we visit, she treats us to her newest creations, and I’ve loved every single one. Well worth the money!!

  2. Really, really like the sounds of these products..and I’m always drawn to smaller family run companies. Glad they’re in the states, now I hope shipping cross country isn’t too bad.

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