Pure Flavour Fruit and Nut Raw Chocolate

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This is the sister bar to the Raw Dark Chocolate I recently reviewed.

A comparison to Conscious Chocolate’s bars is not unfounded. In a similar vein, Pure Flavour have obviously found their ideal formula on which to base their range, and then added other ingredients to create a range of tastes and textures.

This particular bar is enhanced with the addition of Hazelnuts and raisins (obviously only enhanced if you like hazelnuts and raisins – it could be downright scary if you suffer with a nut allergy!) and Pure Flavour haven’t scrimped on the fruit and nut. Oh no – this little beauty is studded with crisp, fresh tasting roasted hazelnuts of the first order, and they sit alongside an equally generous portion of lovely plump, sweet raisins.

I liked this a lot. The high quality of the extra ingredients makes for a great combination with the raw chocolate, providing a great crunchy-chewy double whammy. Mr. Cadbury never made anything like this!

Obviously, raw chocolate producers like Pure Flavour aren’t going to be scrimping on the quality (or quantity) of their ingredients. All of their ingredients are top notch, healthy, full of flavour and obviously good for you. Of course this sort of thing doesn’t come cheap, but if you want to be able to eat chocolate in its natural form (and to know it’s doing you good as well!) then you should check out this (and the Conscious range as well). I’ve become very fond of the slightly unusual flavours of raw chocolate. More converts needed!


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