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Another one (of many) items I picked up on my recent trip to Latvia. This elegant little white box is home to an assortment of chocolate truffles in three varieties (dark, milk & white of course).

Unfortunately a lack of English on the packaging leaves me guessing as to the true origins of these little 2cm balls but one thing was quickly apparent, and that is that Pure Chocolate is the company name, not a product description!

The dark chocolate truffle features a dark shell with a dark truffle centre. I’d hazard a guess and say that in this instance ‘dark’ refers to a chocolate with a cacao content of around 55% (the European bittersweet style) studded with dark chocolate sprinkles – a sort of posh version of he hings you might sprinkle on ice cream. The shell lacks real ‘bite’ and has a dryish texture. as it melts the cacao flavours are fairly unremarkable. The centre filling is not too sweet (a pleasant surprise) and blends well with the shell, but overall it remained decidedly average.

The milk chocolate version was a milk chocolate shell with a milk chocolate truffle filling was somewhat better, but I suspect that had as much to do with the fact that milk chocolate has more sugar and less cacao. Once again, a little more sweet than I would have liked but definitely not unbearably so.

The ‘white’ version is made with the same milk chocolate shell, only this time it’s dusted with small chips of white chocolate & the centre is a creamy coloured white truffle. Again, not as sweet as it could have been and quite tolerable, given my lack of a sweet tooth these days.

In fairness it has to be said that these were not the most expensive chocolates in the shop, and the shop was a large supermarket. Given that they cost only a few Euros, they managed to (mainly) exceed my expectations, and while they are never going to blow you away with sophisticated flavours, they do offer decent munching chocolate at a reasonable price. That said, I will not be rushing to see if I can find more next time i head East.


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  1. Tara Lidell

    They look wonderful! Mine never look that good 🙁 lol

    Tara Lidell

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