Porta Waldfrucht

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Porta Waldfrucht

Every so often when chocolate shopping, I go nuts. I just get caught up in the moment and pick up all kinds of bars that I wouldn’t normally try but for some reason I convince myself that it would be the perfect complement to the rest of the chocolate I’ve selected. Such was the case with this bar of Porta Waldfrucht, helpfully translated as Forest Fruit flavoured although I had figured out the gist of it all.

The local shop seems to have gone German chocolate crazy, and I was on a bit of a fruit kick, so that’s why milk chocolate with a forest fruit filling jumped out at me. I suspected it was going to be very similar to Lindt’s fruity bars which have been reviewed before but with a slight twist on the flavour. From the front of the pack, it looked like Forest Fruits consisted of a mix of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry flavour, but the ingredients listed were a bit more vague and that was reflected in the nondescript colour of the filling which definitely didn’t mirror any of the fruits.

Porta Waldfrucht

It definitely did have a generic berry taste, but nothing that mirrored all that lovely fruit pictured on the wrapper. Plus it was exceptionally sweet to the point that was hard to eat more than a couple of squares. Rather peculiarly, the alcohol in the filling really didn’t come into play for some reason, maybe because of the sugar or the fact that the centre was creamier than it needed to be. That meant no literal flavour explosion when biting into a square and none of that crunchy, sugary goodness left behind at the end like in the Lindt bars. Coupled with some unremarkable milk chocolate and this isn’t very good at all.

Porta Waldfrucht

So my impulse buy turned out to be a bland, unmemorable bar, the remainder of which will be saved for one of the desperate times when I run out of everything else or need an excessive amount of sugar in a short period of time.

Not recommended.


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