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I pretty much avoid the grocery store boxed chocolates. I just don’t see the point in them. And unfortunately, they’re all that come to mind as I sit with the next box from Philadelphia Candies. While I was okay with the previous two as simple sweets, I’m finding it harder to latch onto any particular trait of the Milk Chocolate Creams.

As usual, the one pound box is filled with rows of individual chocolates. I have to say that this time I had quite a bit of fun tearing half of them apart to make sure I hadn’t missed a flavor. Because although the chocolate swirls on top do seem to differ slightly with the flavors, it’s not exactly a method to rely on. As it was, I only found about seven flavors, though there are nine listed online (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, orange, lemon, maple and butter). This really isn’t a cause for concern as they all taste rather similar.

The sticky fillings vary in color from caramel, bright pink, and bright yellow to light purple, dark brown, and rose. Sure, you can tell that the caramel color has a sweet maple flavor and the yellow tastes of lemon, but none of these flavors are particularly enticing. They’re also strictly artificial-tasting; I can’t say I wholly minded this in the case of the strawberry cream, but it was just not enough for the chocolate cream. And while I don’t care too much for coconut, anyway, still it was disappointing to find the white cream with so slight a coconut taste as it had.

Even the sticky, gooey texture of the fillings could be improved on. As creams, I think they shouldn’t be quite so close to free-flowing. With the milk chocolate already being average, there isn’t room to cut many more corners. I’ll still eat them, though, of course; I just can’t see myself seeking them out or being thrilled if I got them as a gift. Because, actually, there is a second thing these chocolates remind me of: cotton candy.


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  1. You now pass the box to humble Pete…*looks up with big, sad puppydog eyes* I want chocolate… *goes off to cry in a corner*

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