Philadelphia Candies Chocolate Potato Chips and Pretzels

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The people over at Philadelphia Candies have sent me a good-sized selection for review, so I will slowly be getting through these in the coming weeks. I start off with a pair that includes something I specifically requested: Chocolate Potato Chips. But back up for a moment. The name Philadelphia Candies has a little more of a story than it sounds at first: brothers Jim and Steve Macris chose the name in 1919, after emigrating out of Greece, to mean “candies made with brotherly love.”

Now, I chose the potato chips as one of those bizarre combinations that I’ve been seeing more often, but never actually tried. I had been under the impression that it was nothing more than a random idea from the start. But it isn’t like eating a potato chip with chocolate; it’s like eating a chocolate creation with chip inside. Because the chocolate here is pretty thick, it makes it clear that this is a confection first and foremost. The chips give a more minor crunch than pretzels or nuts or anything else of the sort. When I brought the box out to share with a few people after lunch, we all agreed that they aren’t weird at all in the end. In fact, I’m rather sad to find them now gone.

Chocolate-covered pretzels I used to not care much for; I believe I’m changing my mind, though, as they can be nice for snacking. The Philadelphia pretzels are small and twisted, decorated with chocolate stripes like the chips are. To compare to the chips, there is less chocolate here and a deeper, less soft crunch. A note on the chocolate in both: it is the cool and mellow confectionary kind, though perhaps less sweet than some.

Overall, these both made for good sweet-and-crunch snacking, with the chips turning out to be my favorite of the two.


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  1. I love chocolate covered potato chips and pretzels! I first tasted the chips at the Fancy Food show in San Francisco years ago. Yum!

  2. yasmin butt

    I love chocolate covered pretzels. It’s the hint of salt that does it for me. I never eat pretzels on their own ever, but smother them in chocolate and I’ll wrestle you for them!

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