Perugina Nero Sflogie 70%

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Perugina Nero Sflogie 70%

In case you were wondering, this one’s Italian.

Perugina are owned by Nestlé Italia, but don’t let that put you off. This is proper dark chocolate – a gift from a friend who recently took a long weekend in Italy.

Florence, I believe… the city, I mean. My friend was not in The Magic Roundabout. As far as I know…

But I digress.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I opened the box. I don’t speak Italian and the illustration on the box doesn’t give a lot away. But I was pleasantly surprised…

Perugina Nero Sflogie 70%

The box contains 12 small “slabs” of rich, dark, glossy chocolate. A few had been broken on the journey back from Italy, but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment in any way.

Each slab is about 3mm thick and roughly the same shape size and shape as a credit card. Indeed, these would probably make quite an acceptable form of currency. They just look and feel like a quality product. Break one in half and it snaps with a satisfying ‘thunk’.

Taste-wise, it’s rich and not too sweet, but the flavour has none of the interesting or subtle overtones that, say, the Amano dark chocolate I reviewed the other week had.

Personally, I don’t mind that – the chocolateyness alone carries it.

I think these would be the perfect accompaniment to a nice cup of coffee… or even better, break a couple into a bowl of vanilla ice cream in the summer. They’re pretty good on their own just to nibble on, but they’re not a “stuff your face” kind of chocolate.

I’d guess this is aimed at the “middle of the road” market. It’s above average, but not quite in the same league as something like the Amano or Hotel Chocolat dark chocolates I’ve tasted lately.

Great for sharing with friends over coffee or ice cream… but you’d have to find it first, and I don’t think it’s quite worth a trip to Italy.


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