Orion Margot

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Orion Margot

Meet Margot. Margot comes from Slovenia, and to look at her you’d think she was a chocolate bar, but Margot has a little secret. Margot is actually a soya bar with coconut ‘coated with dark compound’. Not so appetising now, is she?

The taste of this bar is actually quite strange. It has a sweet, almost fermented taste to it. Not quite ‘year old pot of jam’ fermented, but a definite hint of that alcohol-like flavour. Probably something to do with the way the soya is processed to produce the finished product.

I suppose if you were someone with food allergies or an aversion to real chocolate (and a love of sugar) then this might be the bar for you, but it doesn’t make much sense to me to sell this alongside ‘proper’ chocolate products. It’s, well, odd.

Odd, sweet and something I shall avoid in future.


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  1. Adriano

    Hi,Simon!Are you sure this bar comes from Slovenia and not,perhaps,from Slovakia since the words below the MARGOT are DEFINITLY NOT slovenian but rather slovakian or something?As a chocoholic I’ve never heard of such bar being produced in Slovenia but I might be wrong,it could be some new stuff…Please,check it again since Slovenia and Slovakia are confused with each other too many times…Regards from Slovenia!

  2. Simon

    I was in Slovenia when I bought this bar, I remember that much. We’d been in Kosice and I bought it when I flew home.
    Apologies if I wrongly accused Slovenia of producing this bar!

    • Naftaline

      The bar is not Slovenian, not Slovakian, it’s Czech. I know it, because I am Czech and the language used underneath the Margot word are in my native language. Neither Slovaks or Slovenians have the letter ř:P and if you were in Košice, you were in Slovakia, not Slovenia.

  3. Adriano

    Well,yes,Kosice is in Slovakia,actually,I haven’t found such place anywhere in Slovenia and the name itself sounds very slovakian…Anyway,if you come across Slovenia,you are very welcomed to try some of our Rustika or Cukrček chocolates or Dobnik hand-made specialities,I’m sure you’ll like them more than that Margot mumbo jumbo…

  4. Lemon Curry

    Orion is Czech company and Margot is definitely a Czech product.

  5. K-bot

    Yup, i would say its czech, too, after all.. just like me! But it the same thing with lot of products, like Kofola, which is so perfectly czech for us just like it is totally slovakian for Slovakia .D
    Lately i start to find this bar kinda awful too, but when i was smaller /and i bet it had real chocolate coating back then/ i loved it!

  6. Jenny

    It does seem to be made in the Czech Republic and distributed there and in Slovakia, but the companies involved are the Czech and Slovak arms of Nestle. It doesn’t actually contain any coconut, just coconut flavour. The only chocolate in it is some low-fat cocoa powder, quite well down the list of ingredients. I was sent it as part of a chocolate swap with a Czech partner, and I am very disappointed. Even my DH, who will eat almost anything with chocolate, would not finish the bar.

  7. Margot

    Hello, I am from Czech republic and my name is Margot (soya bar with coconut taste DIPPED in CHOCOLADE, nice to meet you). I taste wonderfully and I am eated by dozens people in Slovak (not Slovenia)and Czech republic. Whats more, I absolutely hate when people, who don t know me, bad-mouth me. And I am not really so suitable for people with food allergies (lactose, chocolate- >10%, nuts….) And of course I don t speak English well.

  8. margot hater

    Recently, whilst visiting Prague, my partner and I, on a cold and snowy day decided to climb petrin hill, we stopped off at a small shop to stock up on snacks for the trip. I chose the Margot bar… thinking it was similar to a chocolate covered hob-nob as it felt rather weighty. After 40 minutes of braving the chilling snow and climbing the hill we opened up our treats and to my absolute dismay… had my first taste of the margot. It. was. dreadfull. To say the least, it was like eating punishment, pure unadulterated evil disguised as a chocolate bar. It tasted like out of date rum and raisen dreggs from the cheapest ice cream factory floor. I hate you Margot you ruined my entire holiday, i can still taste you now, even after all the pork and pilsner 🙁

    • Mario

      Well, thank you so much for your tainted review. How can a reader get an honest opinion of this bar when, at the time of unwrapping the bar, your mind was set for a sweet the Margot appeared similar to? The Margot had no chance for a tasteful impression.

      And second, the Margot is “disguised as a chocolate bar”? Well, then I guess you must declare Snickers, Mars, Milky Way, and all the other candy bars that are covered in chocolate are pulling the same trick on unsuspecting chocolate lovers. But lucky for you, there is no picture of the Margot bar on its wrapping, so the illusion of a true chocolate bar lasted no more than a couple of seconds.

      By the way, I truly love the Margot bar over any other chocolate or candy bar in the USA. NowHershey’s, that is one putrid chocolate, loved only be ones who grew up on this cardboard-glue smelling flavor, because there was no other chocolate choice around. After growing up on European chocolate, the popularity of Hershey’s in the USA completely baffles me. Anyone else detects the smell of vomit when placing a Hershey bar near your nose? Ughh!

      • y

        True hate hershey kisses – smell like puke

        • U

          It’s because of the butyric acid they use in the recipe. We American’s are used to it from our love affair with buttermilk. Even if you detest the flavor of buttermilk you will love it in pancakes and then when your brain stops telling you that the butyric acid taste is spoiled food you don’t notice it anymore.

  9. Moi

    Hmmm. Well I just bought a Margot from a Japanese/Polish food shop in Guildford / UK. I also thought it would be like a HobNob covered in chocolate from the illustration, but it wasn’t. It was much, much better ! I am currently an enforced teetotaler and I love the alcoholic smell and taste of this bar. Very unusual but I am going straight back to the shop and buying up their remaining stock to hand out to family and friends. It was so delicious it never occured to me that people wouldn’t like it, so the reviews here suprised me. It must just be one of those “Marmite” tastes. You either love it or hate it. I love it. 🙂

    • y

      Thumbs up ! When ever I come across a european deli in Canada I look for this bar.

    • Andy N Kath Baker-wilson

      Me and my 2 daughters have just bought this chocolate bar from a pplish shop in st helens and it is and was the most discusting thing i have ever smelt and seen was scared to take a bite but we are now feeling sick ;^

  10. so it does not have alchohole in it? at all. i bought it from slovakia and had one, and brought it to dubai, my son felt it had alchohole. so let me know please

  11. Moi

    No Suad, no alcohol, unless some has formed after the bar is manufactured due to the filling having fermented. If it contained alcohol in any measurable quantity it would have to be labelled as such in most countries where it is being sold. I believe you can eat it with a clear concience and a clear head.

  12. Danielle

    I’ve spent a bit of time in the Czech Republic over the past few years as both a student and tourist and Margot bars are one of my absolute favorite candies! I always make a point to bring some home with me! They’re a nice departure from the sickeningly sweet Hershey, Reese’s, Snickers, and Milky Way bars favored here in the US.

  13. sarah

    Its Slovakian, and it’s amazing.

  14. Kim

    A friend of mine in the Czech Republic sent me some of these. I had no idea what they were and of course the only thing to do is dive in and try them. Absolutely loved them, though the alcohol-like flavor was surprising! I thought they were very good, if sweeter than I normally like, and had no idea they weren’t chocolate until I found this.

  15. Tomáš

    I´m from the Czech republic and actually I´m eating Orion chocolate now 😀 It´s realy good 🙂

  16. Tomáš

    and just for information, alcohol isn´t in it 😉

  17. I have just tried Margot after I bought it in Czech republic, and I enjoy it much. 🙂
    Greetings from Hungary.

  18. Moriah Flowers

    I have been to the Czech Republic many times and recently a friend from there sent me a Margot bar in a package. When I tried it, I too noticed the alcohol taste, so I looked at the ingredients. Quite far down on the list, but not at the bottom, was listed alkohol, which I’m assuming is just the Czech spelling of alcohol. Can someone explain this in light of previous assurances that there is no alcohol in this product?

    • y

      Many european chocolates have alcohol in them – not enough to get you drunk – you know kind of like rum balls – taste great. Love this bar. Love the filling.

  19. Evva

    Hi, I am from Slovakia. I was searching on line because Ive lived in USA for last 7 years and I haven’t had any Margot for all that time. When I was growing up, Margot was my favorite treat. I miss it and I wish I could find out where I can buy it here. BTW, I am a chocolate lover. I buy Lind chocolate most often. I like Belgian chocolate too. I cant stand Hersheys. I can’t stand chocolate that is not even a chocolate , rather, just oil with chocolate flavor. Dove is all right.

  20. wanderer

    Margot is Original Czech and ONE of THE BEST THING i WAS EATEN IN MY LIFE!! :)))

  21. NeshaNesh

    I’ve had a Margot bar just seconds ago, that is thee worst chocolate bar I’ve ever eaten in my life it was like torture trying to swallow the first bite, (ended up throwing it away) and the flavors are bewildering, it really does taste like rum is in it….oh well,that was my first and last times eating that!!! :p

  22. Asi es, acabo de probar un rico chocolate Margot, y definitivamente es Checo…lo digo sólo porque mi hermana me lo mandó directamente de Rep.Checa a Chile, y me encantó,muy buen sabor y muy llenador.

  23. Nick

    Just eaten one that my beautiful lover brought back to England for me (she is Slovak). Wow! Sweet and hints of rum. She loves them and I agree, weird but wonderful 🙂 but I wonder if there is a record number eaten before a person is sick?

  24. Martin

    Margot is the best chocolate bar in the world i am shocked that there are people that don’t like it!! I always buy so many of them when im in slovakia.

  25. MO

    my friend she picked this up in Tesco in Prague and told me it was good.
    flew back yesterday and just tried it and tastes like Alcohol!?
    been on Nestle CZ website and states
    “Put a piece of paradise with Margot stick with coconut-flavored rum.”
    and there is alcohol in the ingredient list.
    so guess the smell and taste put me off but like it.

  26. Shanta

    I tried this because it spoke to me dark chocolate and coconut! Unlike Simon who started this whole thing the surprise was lovely. I was excited at the pungent scent of brandy or rum I could not work it out but it was delicious.The great thing about it is that I could not eat it all in one go so my waistline is happy and my body is not screaming at me for consuming excess sugar.Its great as is most chocolate ,straight out the fridge! I love you Margate xxxx

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