Oreo Bañadas

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Oreo Bañadas…En chocolate con leche!

Translation: Oreos Bathed… in milk chocolate

I’m not entirely sure what Spanish Oreos were doing on the shelves on my local Budgens, but as so often happens, they jumped into my basket shouting “Pick me! Pick me!” and begged to be eaten. How could I say no?

I must confess, I have mixed feelings about Oreos. I spent a year of my childhood living in the US and just the word “Oreo” brings back happy memories. But every time I’ve had them here in the UK, I’ve found them to be a bit dry and quite dull. I’m not sure if that’s down to European differences, or if I’ve just grown out of them.

Oreo BañadasI know Nabisco (Kraft) in the US produce a milk chocolate covered Oreo, but I don’t know how similar these are. For one thing, these are made in Spain, and for another, the chocolate coating is completely smooth. Looking at the web site, the US version appears to have a rippled effect. Perhaps someone out there in Chocablogland could compare the two…

As I carefully cut one in half for this photo, first impressions were pretty good. The chocolate coating is thick, and had a pleasant aroma, and the whole thing looked quite tempting with a nice contrast between the different layers.

And it tastes pretty good too. I do find the biscuit a little too hard for my taste, and on it’s own it is slightly dry, but the creamy filling and chocolate coating easily compensate for this. The chocolate is very nice and definitely improves the overall Oreo experience for me.

I still can’t say I’m a huge fan of biscuits/cookies, but I did quite enjoy these. They were especially good dunked in my tea.

Yes, I know… I’m a slob. A chocaslob.


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  1. Molly

    I’ll *have* to get some when I go to the grocery store next…Of course, we do have “Double Stuf” oreos…twice the filling. Dunked in milk…yum. 🙂

  2. Why are you a slob for dunking your biscuits into your tea? I think this is one of the weird British pet hates. 🙂 I’ve never heard anything like this in Germany or the Netherlands and I don’t think the French would hold this against you either. But then they are foreign like me, what would I know!

  3. Normal oreos seem dry to you because you aren’t having them with a big glass of cold milk, silly!

    I’ve seen these locally, Connor keeps grovelling for me to buy them. I haven’t brought myself to actually try one yet: chocolate overdose! I’ve never seen them anywhere but here either, odd isn’t it.

  4. Rachel

    Biscuits are made for tea!!

  5. lou

    oh yummy i soo need to find these!!!
    i love oreo’s so much i named my two black and white tuxedo cats “oreo” and ” cookie” ! you cant eat them though!

  6. Afiq

    Hmm, looks yummy! Here in Malaysia, we have more Ores variety ( I dunno about u all)

    We have Oreo Wafer Sticks, Oreo Double Stuf, Orea Original (duh), and a few more Oreo types as far as I know

    By the way, while eating chocolate why not play this Flash Game I made, link is there with instructions!


    Enjoy both the chocs and game!

  7. Barry

    ONE local shop (Greenock, Scotland) keeps traditional Oreo (black/white) biscuits and a cafe in a nearby town sells these and also a “white chocolate” covered version (great). The cafe’s owner told me today that the latter were being discontinued. Is this true anyone? Aaaagh!

  8. oreolover

    those are the original choc covered oreos – seems spain has left them in their deliciously original state – large, bathed and scrumpcious — I don’t know what the heck US kraft was thinking when they changed the formula over here – the rippling effect, the misleading *pure milk chocolate* labeling and the smaller cookie does NOT fool this oreo lover. I was so disappointed when I saw 1- the box which is smaller and different marketing colors, 2- the cookies themselves ares maller 3- only 9 in a box (3 to a row) compared to the original 12 (4 in a row) and they just do not tates as good – in the original choc covered version you could literally take a small bite and have a nice piece of chocolate by itself it was so thick. Booo Kraft – you blew it on this one – it will be my last choc covered oreo I will buy of your new version.

  9. -=NeoDoug1=-

    We found both the milk and white choc covered Oreo Bañadas while on holiday in Tenerife. The milk choc ones are very nice, but the white choc ones are out of this world! There must be somewhere in the UK you can get them?!?!

  10. -=NeoDoug1=-

    EDIT: I’ve found one place in the UK that says they can supply them…:


    It’s not all good news though… The milk choc ones are £2.99 a pack (not that cheap), but they don’t do the white choc ones… They do, however, do the Double Stuf ones, but they’re £5.99 a pack!

  11. fergal

    Have been searching the net for ‘white chocolate’ covered oreos but to no avail…Have had them brought back from Amsterdam by friends, so possible trip coming up to bring quite a few packets back I think. Regular oreos are easy to get but the scrummy ones are harder to come by.. anybody find them please advise…straight away…

  12. u ned to make beter fod u laszy bums

  13. Emma

    I am struggling to find the white choc covered ones too, they really are out of this world. I saw them in Spain years ago and recentlyt in Tenerife, can’t believe I can’t buy them on the net!!!!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW If YOU FIND THEM…

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