Noosa Blueberries In Dark Chocolate

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Noosa Blueberries In Dark Chocolate

From Australia, courtesy of lucky traveling friends (when do I get to go to somewhere warm and exotic?) this bag purports to contain “A luscious combination of whole Natural Blueberries wrapped in the world’s finest award winning Premium Dark Chocolate”. Typical Aussie modesty then eh?

Sadly, both packaging and website are somewhat bereft of any evidence to support these claims. In fact the website is a bit of a waste of time full stop. It needs a sortout, if you’re reading this Mr (or Mrs ) Noosa.

The contents are a different matter. Plump, juicy dried blueberries (some of them fairly hefty) encased in a good quality, rich, dark chocolate. It’s a fairly simple product. No messing about, no frills, no fancy packaging. Very Australian. Pop one in your mouth and start to roll it around, and Oonce the glaze gives way you’re treated to a slightly bittersweet dark chocolate which isn’t too sugary and holds it’s flavour well as the blueberry begins to release it’s tanginess.

Just as the chocolate is high quality and full of flavour, the same goes for the blueberries. Plump, slightly tart fruit which bursts with flavours, cleaning your mouth of the last vestiges of chocolate and making you reach for another one almost immediately. The combination is dreadfully moreish, I’m afraid to say.

Despite my best efforts the bag didn’t last more than a few days once opened, and I didn’t share these at all. This is one of those classic ‘deadly’ combinations, presented in a form that just lends itself to that whole “ooh, just a couple more.” thing that is the downfall of us all at one time or another.

Obviously, I’d like proof of these awards and a little more information from Noosa via their web site, but when it came to the vital taste test, they came through with flying colours. If anyone’s headed that way, I’d love another bag. Or two.


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  1. Simon Hukin

    G’day from Australia,

    Noosa is a town in Queensland, on the Sunshine Coast. It’s famous for it’s beaches and access to the Great Barrier Reef.

    I haven’t heard of the company before, and I’ve roamed the country quite a bit, so it strikes me as very boutique – especially considering our major supermarket chains go to some pains to stock products like this from the state they’re in.

    I might have to check it out at some point, or at least send a friend to do so.

    Simon Hukin

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