Nói Síríus Pure Icelandic 56% Bittersweet Chocolate

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Noi Sirius Icelandic Chocolate

I didn’t really plan on getting all topical with my chocolate reviews, but yet here I am with some Icelandic chocolate which really shouldn’t have been able to make it across the ocean to Canada considering the flight situation during the past few weeks.

And I’d really like to say that I won’t be making any more jokes of a volcanic nature before this review is over, but I really can’t. Sorry.

Noi Sirius Icelandic Chocolate

Anyway, Nói Síríus have been making chocolate in Iceland since the 1920s, and this bar has apparently been packaged the same way since 1933. I mention that because the packaging is really unique – the bars are wrapped in wax paper, something which gives it a real old-fashioned feel even if it isn’t particularly secure. Mine had a few holes poked through where the chocolate was visible because the paper was torn.

Initially, the chunky dimensions of the package made me think that this was going to be a hard chocolate to take a bite out of, but I was quite surprised to find two slabs on top of each other inside. The chocolate has a decent sheen and the texture is relatively smooth with just a hint of grain.

Noi Sirius Icelandic Chocolate

The taste is definitely more sweet than bitter – the first listed ingredient is sugar and it really does taste like it. But once that sweetness subsides a little, vanilla comes in to save the day before running away to finally reveal the slight bitterness. It takes a long time to get there, but eventually the chocolate turns into what it says on the wrapper.

A decidedly OK bar of chocolate, and not much more. But if you happened to be, for example, stuck on an island in the North Atlantic, unable to get off because of some kind of natural disaster, you probably would be happy enough munching on this until the deadly ash cloud rescinded.

Definitely not the worst thing to come out of Iceland recently…


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  1. Heather

    Yeah, I tried the 70% extra-bitter bar, and the first ingredient was sugar. Weird. I though 70% meant, 70% chocolate. It was tasty nonetheless, but I usually prefer darker chocolate.

    • karen

      I beg to differ my chocolate has cocoa mass listed as the first ing. on the 56% and70%. I guess some people do not appreciate quality chocolate.

    • Um. I would definitely have to agree with Karen on this one. I tried this out at wholefoods because it had a great sale price (just $3 for the two bars). I thought it was pretty fantastic… not sure how it could be ill-recieved, quite honestly.

  2. Karen J

    I absolutely love this chocolate. Cocoa mass is the first ingredient and it is smooth and silky. I served a square of this chocolate to a group following a presentation and they were very impressed. It does not have a graininess nor a waxiness. It readily melts leaving a silky chocolate flavor that I sense has a hints of coconut flavor. And for the price at $3.99 for 2 bars–it can’t be beat. And the 70% does not have the hard bitterness that I don’t like. This is the only chocolate where I enjoy the 70% bar.

  3. CC

    This review is confusing from the fact that the ingredients list is incorrect, Cocoa Mass is indeed the first ingredient. We all know that everyones taste buds read food differently, but I truly think this is a really well balanced and delicious chocolate bar. Dark enough but not overtly sweet. Pleasant aftertaste and the perfect texture. The 56% is great for everyday eating, but the 70% is also wonderful.

  4. Robin

    The bitterness of a 70% bar is softened just a bit with a hint of sweetness. It melts smoothly developing a deep chocolate flavor on the tongue. I loved this silken dark chocolate bar!

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