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New Tree Sexy ChocolateHaving made the discovery that NewTree ‘Tranquility‘ is both healthy and child proof, I have been quite keen to sample other bars from their range. NewTree have decided to give their range of bars single word names, and so we have ‘Cocoon’, ‘Blush’ , ‘Rejoice’, ‘Forgiveness’ (among others) and this one – ‘Sexy’.

Pretentious names aside, I was quite taken with the quality of NewTree products and ‘Sexy’ looked like it might be the solution to my quest for a truly great Ginger and chocolate combo (see my Ginger Chocolate face off for more details), and with 73% cocoa it was certainly off to a good start. This bar also contains guarana, and NewTree claim that one bar contains as much caffeine as three cups of coffee, so I wasn’t inclined to eating more than a few squares at once.

The chocolate used in this bar is definitely of a very high quality, smooth, glossy and inclined to melt very quickly when held. It smells dark, bittersweet and with a hint of ginger. Once in the mouth, it becomes apparent that NewTree have used flakes of either unsweetened or very lightly sweetened ginger which sit in perfect balance with the richness of the chocolate. For me, this is the perfect ginger/chocolate combination, albeit a rather pricey one. The ginger flakes are just that – tiny little shavings which are released as the chocolate melt, adding their warmth to the taste but never detracting from the flavours of the rather lovely Belgian chocolate.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone who, like me, has been looking for a great ginger chocolate. If you look back at the ginger chocolate face-off review I posted, you will see that what I had hoped to find was a bar with the dark chocolate of the Waitrose bar and the unsugared ginger of Green & Black’s. Well folks, here it is, spruced up with guarana, given a daft name (I mean, sexy chocolate?) and available in supermarkets rather than from an exclusive chocolatier or mail order. This is lovely stuff, just don’t overdo it if you’re caffeine sensitive!


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  1. Daphne Elliott

    If you love a really good chocolate. I fell upon an organic Chocolate also called SEXY…made by a new company called Feeding Your Imagination.there however is made with milk chocolate and chilli, which gives you a little firey tingle. Warming yet so smooth, I cou8ld get enough of it. check out there reviws I must try the rest of the range. Daph

  2. Adriano

    One of my favourites…almost unbeatable…

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