Newman’s Ginger Treat

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Newman’s Ginger Treat

I love chocolate (of course) and I love ginger almost as much but in every form – sweet, savoury, fresh, crystallised, dried, powdered and especially coated in top quality dark chocolate. I’ve eyed off the Newman’s Ginger Treats for a while and decided that in the post-Christmas gift-box fatigue it was time to try them.

A 50 gram bar sells for $1.95, which isn’t too bad considering some of the money I’ve spent on quite ordinary chocolate products lately, but they’re selectively located and have to be sniffed out fairly carefully. Made using dark chocolate that contains a minimum of 53% cocoa solids and not containing any dodgy ingredients was comforting to read on the back of the wrapper, as was their claim that they use using good old Queensland (North East Australia) ginger from Buderim, the Ginger Capital of the land Down Under.

Newman’s Ginger Treat

As you can see, it wasn’t your usual candied or jellified ginger pieces in chocolate, but a buttery, sweet dark truffle centre. I somehow managed to control myself and continued to read what the inside filling consisted of before eagerly eating it up – ginger pulp, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk, sugar, thickened cream, citrus peels, sultanas and ginger powder. This was sounding even better, containing ‘real’ ingredients.

And it is with great relief and joy to report that it tastes delicious. The crack of the firm dark chocolate outer layer reveals a soft-as-mousse centre that has a very distinct and welcome ginger kick that fans of the root spice will love. There is also a hint of fruit cake in the mix whose flavour emerges after the sensuously soft filling has dissolved.

I’ll be honest – I chewed through the first bar, too greedy and giddy to let anything melt but the second bar I ate more slowly, allowing flavours to gradually dissolve and give my titillated tastebuds a real work out. This really is a ‘treat’ and I’ll be adding it as an essential regular on my choco-shopping list.


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  1. Oooh oooh oooh oohh… want want…


    So Kath, where DO you get it from????

  2. I found it in an IGA supermarket and have also seen it in David Jones. They are very, very nice.

  3. Christine

    This sounds fantastic! Will be near a David Jones tomorrow too…

  4. Christine

    …and yes! Got one today and can confirm that this is one tasty bar!

  5. Matt

    Oh yes! I love these. They used to sell at the local indie cinema. Received one last week for my birthday.. absolutely amazing. I need to go buy one this afternoon.

  6. Moin

    It’s so gingery. When you taste it you have a feeling the ingredients are different than so called choc-bars. It’s rich and delicious. People who have weakness to ginger – you’ll love it.

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