Newman’s Chilli Bites

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Newman's Chilli Bites

Christmas was a pretty quiet affair this year, and I even asked that Santa not bother paying me a visit – I’m old enough now to have the things I need, and can afford the things I want when I want them. And I don’t want or need much anyhow.

But in spite of this, Santa did come a-calling, and he left me few chocolaty goodies, some that I’ll report on soon, but one was a box of Newmans Chilli Bites.

These are subtitled on the box “The Pleasure Society”. The mind truly boggles. The box also goes on to say “A spicy love affair with chilli and rich dark chocolate.”

A check on the web reveals that these come from Ernest Hillier chocolates, made in Melbourne, Australia. and there seem to be a series of these “pleasure society” boxes. One wonders what appears on the backs of the others, because this one has a big panel which reads:

“Society Rules On: Role Playing. There are many ways to spice up your relationship, one popular method is to write out your fantasies and read them to each other in bed. Here’s an example: “Honey, lets pretend you’re a courier and you’ve just received an emergency call to go down to the shops and pick up a box of chilli chocolates”.


Opening the box reveals a dozen or so individually wrapped thingies, which just increases the anticipation.

Newman's Chilli Bites

Finally, when we get through the final layer of packaging, we find the prize:

Newman's Chilli Bites

They sure are not kidding when they call them “bites”, that’s how much you get from one of these. Still, the trying is the ultimate test.

These are a truffle filling, lightly zinged up with a bit of chilli, and with a dark chocolate coating – which at 53% is respectable without being seriously dark.

The outside is fairly soft, and melts away quite quickly. The inside is luscious, and the chilli gradually builds to quite a pleasant addition.

I’m not actually much of a fan of chilli chocolate – particularly a big well-known brand that I won’t mention here, where I think it’s a bit overpowering. Cayenne seems to work better in many cases.

But these little suckers are not half bad. Quite moreish. Perhaps that role-playing has something to it after all!

Chocablogger Kath has just moved to Melbourne. Perhaps she should be trying for a factory tour with reporting back here!


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  1. Adriano

    Just eaten my lunch but got my apetite back again,now,when I saw those little devils…They look very tasty…Listen,Ashleigh,a little cross section of them wouldn’t be bad at all,I’m more of a visual type.:)

  2. Christine

    Hmmm… I’ve had nothing but bad luck with Newman’s sadly. Every time I’ve bought them (not this exact one but similar filled chocolates in this same packaging) the filling has been really dried out/stale.

    I’m sure that they’re not normally like this (as evidenced by this review). Must be something happening to them during transportation to my local store 🙁

  3. Oh don’t you worry, Ashleigh. As soon as the little one goes back to school (2nd of Feb and counting), I’ll be jumping right into the Melbourne Chocolate World !!

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