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Toffee CrispIf you ever made chocolate rice crispie cakes with your mum as a child, Toffee Crisp will be quite familiar. It’s amazing how just biting into a bar of chocolate can bring all sorts of happy memories flooding back

This bar is made with puffed rice (rice crispies!) in chocolate and a thin layer of toffee, all coated in milk chocolate. It’s simple, light (44 grams / 227 calories), and surprisingly tasty.

The rice is crispy, the toffee is chewy, and the chocolate is nice and thick. The whole thing has a very pleasant cocoa flavour.

And that’s pretty much all there is to Toffee Crisp. But I really quite enjoyed it, which I think just goes to show sometimes the simple ideas are the best.

Toffee Crisp

It’s simple and satisfying, but not very big. This makes a nice mid-morning/afternoon snack, but it’s not going to fill you up (well, not unless you’re like me and eat five at once).

If you really can’t get enough Toffee Crisp, there’s apparently an ice cream version too – but I’ve yet to get my hands on that.


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  1. chocgal:)

    Your dead right these bars are ace! they remind me of when i used to make rice crispies cakes at easter when i was kid :p do you think you could review and thorntons choco bars as they are simply gorgggeeous! 😀

  2. Colin McKenzie

    There was a time when there was a plain chocolate version (in a blue wrapper). Once I’d tasted that I lost all interest in the milk chocolate ones. Bring it back!

  3. Spence

    I’ve just got back from my local Odeon cinema….and they have Toffee Crisp Popcorn on sale ! Absolutely delicious. 200g box.

  4. sam

    dudes, do u know if they sell toffee crisp easter eggs
    a ‘friend’ loves toffee crisp and i thought it would be the best easter egg ever for her
    but i cant seem to have found any!

  5. Hannah

    Try chilling before eating. Give a really nice change of texture to the crispy bits.

  6. Graham

    Please please please bring back the PLain chocolate toffee crisp

  7. Saffie x

    These certainly aren’t gourmet or posh, but they are a favourite of mine, as I have had them growing up. And I love the toffee crisp popcorn from the odeon, it is sweet and absolutely delicious.

  8. Looloo

    I want the plain one back!

  9. Gottle

    Thank you! People look at me as if I’m making it up when I reminisce about the plain chocolate toffee crisp in a blue wrapper…now I know there are other people who remember them too!

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