Nestlé Club Cashew Nut & Cherry

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Nestlé Club Cashew Nut & Cherry

Mmmmmm, I hear you say. Cashew & Cherry. A fabulous combo in a family block from the supermarket. Lead me to them.

Nestlé have been pushing Club chocolate for years, and recently we have had the packaging upgrade (cardboard just like Lindt) instead of plastic, and now new flavours as well. Club has been like a dependable old friend – the thing to grab for a darkish fix when it was time to ignore the Cadbury Old Gold. Same market – the only difference is how fickle the customer feels.

So anyhow, Cashew Nut and Cherry sounds like a pretty good combination. I had visions of nuts, perhaps lightly roasted and salted. Luscious cherries like in a Cherry Ripe. Salivating at the thought, my hands trembled as I tore open the nice cardboard pack. And then: deflation.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing WRONG with this product. It’s a nice, affordable, perfectly edible, well made chocolate from a big company. But. It. Does. Not. Inspire.

Nestlé Club Cashew Nut & Cherry

It might have Cashew nut. But not big pieces. Little sort of crushed ground up lumps. Like we used to get in plastic packets to put on Ice-Cream Sundaes back in 1973. Boring.

It might have Cherry. But not pieces of any kind I could really find. Not luscious. Maybe a tiny hint of flavour. But nothing special. Boring.

Competently made, slightly nutty, slightly fruity. Easily edible, medium-dark. And Boring. I’d happily buy this again to scarf down when feeling fickle and avoiding Cadbury. But I would not buy it to grab and enthuse about the taste sensation “oh wow Cashew Nut and Cherry”, because really, on that front, it’s a bit disappointing.


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  1. Stuart Mattinson

    Awesome chocolate and fast became a favourite. It seems to be disappearing from supermarket shelves though. Please don’t withdraw it yet, it’s really nice.

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