Necco New Moon Sky Bar

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Necco New Moon Sky Bar

I won’t make it a secret. I like Twilight. I won’t get into the reasons why I like the books/movies. Let’s just say that it’s great when two worlds collide, as chocolate and Twilight collide in this version of a Sky Bar. I might still try to defend myself by explaining that I didn’t personally buy these bars, as they were given to me, but it’s probably worse that someone would know I’d appreciate receiving them. So let’s just get on with the review, shall we?

Three is the number of the day. There are three different wrappers, each featuring either Bella, Edward, or Jacob. Then there are three segments to each bar with peanut butter, creme, and caramel fillings. I’ve never had a regular Sky Bar (I don’t think I’ve even seen one — it’s faith only that lets me believe they still exist), but it seems that here is where this version is a little different. The original has four flavors, caramel, vanilla, peanut, and fudge. I’m guessing the creme and peanut butter are the same as the vanilla and peanut. Don’t know why they cut out the fudge, though.

Necco New Moon Sky Bar

The peanut butter section is marked by a wolf, the creme by a “Bella” heart, and the caramel by the Cullen crest. After all the peanut butter/chocolate combinations I’ve been having, Necco was at a disadvantage. Their offering is bland in comparison. The peanut flavor isn’t too strong, but it is a nice and creamy filling, so I wouldn’t call it terrible. The creme filling is white as coconut, a little milky, a little sweet, somewhat old-fashioned/classic. The caramel is very sweet, even as far as caramel goes, but I kind of like it. It has a rather buttery taste, and its consistency reminds me of the jelly used for topping cookies. Maybe this part just happened to have the thickest chocolate, but it seemed like I could taste it best here. Necco is a candy-maker first and foremost, so their chocolate isn’t the best out there. Yet neither would I call it the worst; it just doesn’t have too much flavor.

The Sky Bar has an interesting concept — different flavors in one are nice; it tricks you into feeling like you have more even though it’s still just one bar. So I’m glad to see a nearly obsolete, average candy make a brief comeback with pop culture. Because really, no one’s buying these for what’s inside the wrapper.


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