Necco Chocolate Wafers

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Necco Chocolate Wafers

I was a little late in discovering the existence of Necco Wafers, but once I did, I found them quite the intriguing candy, with all their old-fashioned style. It turns out that Necco (New England Confectionery company) has been making candy wafers since 1847. The Necco Wafers brand came around in 1912. Necco is more known for the Sweethearts that show up for Valentine’s Day, but I prefer the wafers by far, even if they’re basically the same thing in a different shape. Of course, it’s only the rolls of solid chocolate wafers, leaving out wintergreen and lime and the rest, that are of interest here.

Necco Chocolate Wafers

In these days of bright and shiny wrappers, it’s nice to take a break with the simple wax paper Necco uses. The dusty (with what white powder I really don’t know), quarter-sized wafers that make sounds like poker chips when banged together also feel like remnants of a bygone era. And their taste. It reminds me of a chocolate malt from a vintage soda fountain. Yes, that does mean that the chocolate taste is more artificial than not, but can we really expect more? Chocolate is the third ingredient, coming after sugar and corn syrup, which must make up the bulk.

From “wafer“, you’d expect something soft and airy. But, no, these are hard candies with a texture like chalk. That makes them a bit harsh for your teeth to tear into. Which isn’t something I mind since my favorite thing is to wait as they dissolve in my mouth, trying to be delicate enough to keep them from breaking as they get thinner and thinner.

And that’s all there is to them. Very simple, even for a candy, but that’s why they stay such a simply endearing sweet.


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  1. Oh Yeah! I have loved these for over 40 years!! I just wish they weren’t so good, as I only buy them half as often as I like because I eat the whole pack without pause though I commit at the time of purchase to savoring them. LOL

  2. jen

    Yummy! I really love this. They are just like one of my favorite candies before. I also like skittles , just come across to one of this site, i just knew that they were not disappeared over the years. Great blog you have here. Have a Sweety Day.

  3. Co

    Oh my good god they look horrible!!! Where can you get them I really want to try them 🙂

  4. They look horrible, but you really want to try them? Well, I hope you do end up liking them. They can be hard to track down; it’s hard to tell who sells them. I’ve seen them at antique stores or old west towns . . . I found this particular pack at a gas station. You just have to keep your eyes open, or you can google them. It looks like there are a few places that sell them online.

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