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Time once again for another bar from our favourite Lithuanian bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Naive. We’ve reviewed several of their bars before and loved them all.

We particularly like the format of the Naive bars. They’re a fairly standard 70g, but the chocolate is very thin, making the bar wider and taller than the average bar. They’re simply packaged in foil and matte paper, with lots of information and a little story on the front. It’s amazing how simple, recyclable packaging can add an air of quality to a bar of chocolate.

The chocolate itself is as glossy as the other Naive bars, save a few marks from the moulding. It’s completely plain apart from the Naive logo embossed toward the bottom. Again, it’s the simplicity that makes this feel like a quality product.

There are no chunks on the bar, but being so thin it’s very easy to break off any size piece you like. The thinness helps it to melt quickly on the tongue, releasing a burst of flavour.

I find it interesting comparing this bar to the Gru Grococo single estate Grenadan bar reviewed last month. It has many of the same flavour notes, but they’re nowhere near as intense or refined. There’s a subtle fruitiness and creaminess to the flavour, and the texture is nowhere near as smooth. At under £6, it is about half the price of the Grococo bar though.

This is a delicious bar of chocolate, and one that’s certainly worth trying, but it’s not quite up there with the best of what’s coming out of Grenada at the moment and I don’t think it’s the best that Naive have to offer.


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