Moser Roth Intensely Chocolatey Cocoa Truffles

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Moser Roth Intensely Chocolatey Cocoa Truffles

If you follow my (somewhat infrequent) posts here, you’ll know I have favourably reviewed a number of Moser Roth products in the past. My nearest supermarket has changed from a Waitrose to an Aldi, and consequently I often find myself scanning the shelves to see if anything new has come in.

These truffles were around during the Christmas season, and were available in three varieties, one of which was an orange version. I chose the ‘Intensely Chocolatey’ version in order to try and capture the essence of the product.

As you can see, Moser Roth’s product design leaves a little to be desired – unless of course they were going for that ‘joke shop’ look. It’s not just the shape of these truffles, their colouring makes them a little, shall we say, comedy?

Moser Roth Intensely Chocolatey Cocoa Truffles

Looks aside, I was keen to see how they tasted & I was not disappointed. The first thing to note is that these truffles melt like they were made from raw chocolate. That little whirl of chocolate takes about ten seconds to evaporate away like a wisp of cloud, leaving behind a small clump of cacao nibs for you to chew on. In fact, it melts so quickly that it’s hard to work out how much depth of flavour the chocolate has! The nibs are crisp, flavoursome & a welcome addition, but I wanted to know more about these amazingly light truffles, so I started reading the box – and that was where the trouble started.

For one, there is no given cocoa percentage. It’s anyone’s guess how much actual chocolate is in one of these.

Unfortunately, the first listed ingredient is vegetable fat (coconut and palm) and ingredient three is hydrogenated vegetable fat (again, palm and coconut). The manufacturers were kind enough to reduce the fat in the cacao powder, but it really is a case of too little too late.

One of these chocolates contains 22% of the adult RDA of saturated fat.

Go back and read that again. Yep, if you eat five of these truffles you’re on course for obesity. Which is wrong. Very wrong.

The funny thing is that once you know what’s in these truffles, the next time you eat one it just doesn’t taste as good as it did when you were in the dark abut the fat content. Armed with the terrible truth, I found myself thinking that the cacao flavours weren’t that strong (which they aren’t) and that the pleasant mouth feel was primarily due to the huge amount of fat in each truffle.

It’s for this reason that this review has to be more of a warning than a recommendation. it’s this sort of confectionery that will put your health at risk and that’s why I have to say ‘avoid!’ – for the sake of your health.


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  1. Thx for the review. It’s so stupid when chocolatiers & chocolate makers add unhealthy stuff to the chocolate. In its pure sense, chocolate is a healthy treat. When mixed with crap, it becomes just that. Crap.

  2. Great review. Its a shame they had to ruin it with so many unhealthy ingredients!

  3. deborah godbolt

    ty i would never of known wont bother buying there now

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