Milky Way Magic Stars

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Milky Way Magic Stars

I can’t tell you exactly why, but there’s something about these over-sweetened, mass produced, 25% cocoa aerated chocolate stars that I find hard to resist.

Their unique texture makes them melt in your mouth very quickly, and there’s no denying the high sugar content has quite a kick. Other than that, they’re overpriced, over sweet, low in cocoa and milk solids and very obviously mass produced.

Despite everything about these being ‘wrong’ I still love ’em. But only occasionally. In fact if I eat more than one bag at a time I feel icky.

Forgive me, Chocablog.


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  1. FallenFairy

    i love magic stars! They’re yummy!

  2. gd zde zetytuuthytty

    yummy yummy for my tummy

  3. liam hyland

    i like chips they taste good

  4. lynne

    I just want to say that my grandaughter loves milkyway magic stars and have noticed that you can not buy them in an easter egg. So now i have to look for a different easter egg for her and she will be very disapointed because i promised her a migic stars easter egg. If you do sell them please can you tell me who you supply them to and what stores if you don’t sell them then i am disapointed along with my grandaughter.

  5. Beckiiee

    I buy 2 packets of ’em every morning and still can’t get enough 😀

  6. vicky

    omg they have changed the packaging of the stars im a home shopper for a superstore and noticed it today omg whats going on

  7. Stef

    Omg Im So annoyed, They Used To Av A Puzzle And A Character On.. But Now They Are Boring Packets..However They Still Taste Good So I Buy Two Packets On Way To School..Me & My Friend Wrote A Letter To Milkyway Complaining About Their New packets…

    I Still Have No Reply

  8. haha, we’re in a science lesson lol

    bye bye xoxox

    PS!!! we L O V E magic S T A R S ahahahaha (: (: (: (:

  9. the mini ferm

    does any 1 want beef wid da mini ferm

  10. stef about the packets changing i said the same thing but FOR GOD SAKE IT SAID MY NAME WAS WRONG HOW THE HELL DOES IT KNOW WHAT MY NAME IS? and it said put ur email in and i had it in

  11. lynne im afraid theres no magic stars easter eggs… but u can get a egg, take it apart (into 2 peices) and put some magic stars in and then put it back together and wrap the easter egg wrapper back around it and she’ll think it cracked open hehehe im so happy i could help aswell and i hope it works

  12. magic star ruler

    mwahahaha subjects, my plan has worked and you are all adicted to magic stars
    mwahahahahaha X)

  13. magic star ruler

    wtf kate
    wats wrong wid you man

  14. robin

    I am also very disapointed they changed the packaging for this tasty treat,why ? change it to such a boring packet?

  15. janine and fil

    hahahah its ashame they changed the packaging 😛
    get a gripppp

  16. shannon

    I am really sada bout Milky Way Magic Stars… how can they be milky way.. when there is no milky way in them? Don’t get me wrong i love them, but isn’t that false advertising?

  17. MagicStart Are Quite Delicate, You Know

    I Just Have To Put Forward The Fact That The Magic stars are a fantastic treat for anyone in need of food.

  18. Maurenn Kirton

    Hi there
    My grandson just loves Stars chocolates and I was wondering if you have done a christmas packet of them. I have looked on several sites but have seen nothing.
    Best wishes

  19. sophie and jack

    we luv magic starz dey taste well nice

    we hav 4 pakits every dai!

    me and jack together weigh 40 stonez now! yey 🙂

    off to have a pak now!

    byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xx

  20. jonnny

    OMG, MAgic stars are like EPIC!!!!

    ME and my m8 andrej think der just the best



  21. Amna

    What is the origin of the emulsifier: Soya lecithin in chocolate stars?
    Is it from an animal or plant?

  22. Amy

    I do like them, but can be a bit expensive for what you get.
    but yestrday they had a big bag 160 grams for only 20p at WhSmiths in Aberdeeen, i then saw a small snack bag (10 grams) for 40p !!!!!!!!!!!! i definitly had a MAGIC STAR bargin then.

  23. Rashmee

    I love these magic stars chocolate , I had them a few days a go !!!

  24. Amy

    me too,
    ..again LOL

  25. claire


  26. sophie and jack ONE YEAR LATER

    we dont like magic stars robbin hags at local charjin £4 for a mini paqket!
    skrew the eckonomey!

  27. chuck

    i had a massive craveing for them when i was pregnant

  28. Spam n Cleyre

    We r havin a magic star theme weddin. If any off u magic star luvers want to cum msg us.
    So excited to get marryed !!!!!!!!

  29. camo

    I used to eat them as a child. I still remember the taste even though it has been 12 years since I’ve eaten them. They stopped selling them in Slovena. It’s just sad.

  30. Kalu

    We in the Czech Republic is the love we have also already sold would not be possible to agree with someone that you sent us? alspon little 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

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