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Welcome, welcome to our next exciting instalment in The Collection Of The Bosses Chocolate Collected in Croatia To Be Eaten In Meetings.

Today’s exciting and fun-packed instalment is brought to you courtesy of Mikado Chocolate – a Croatian special. It remains something of a mystery WHY this is called Mikado with the cutesy oriental style writing, but comes from Croatia.

This chocolate is widely sold; I have seen it for sale in Australian specialty shops but have never bought any.

“Brusnica” is Croatian, and just means Cranberry. And that’s exactly what it has in it. Cranberries. Quite a lot of them.

This chocolate is a bit strange. Firstly, the cranberries are large and have a strange, full feel to them. Maybe that’s how they go when preserved, or treated, or whatever is done to get a decent shelf life. They remind me of glacé fruit. They don’t really taste of anything much though.

The other thing about this is that (ignoring the berries), the chocolate is very light – it is only 30% cocoa solids so the dark chocolate haters might like it, but it does not have a lot of chocolately flavour. It is very sweet, and has a slightly fatty / greasy mouth feel. This is not because of the evil palm oil (it has none), but is more likely to be due to the main ingredient: sweetened condensed milk. The number 2 ingredient is cranberries, and the number 3 is cocoa butter. This explains the sweetness and the mouth feel – lightening off the fat would be a good thing.

The general consensus amongst the meeting participants was that this is pretty ordinary. The label calls it premium but none of us could agree with that. Perhaps most telling was that at the end of an hour long meeting there was some left over. It’s not like this is awful, it’s just not very good.


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  1. Brusnica actually is not cranberry! It’s a different berry. It also grows in Russia and has the same name here. I do not know the precise name in English, but my dictionary says it is cowberry or red huckleberry or red bilberry. Anyway, it looks yummy in a chocolate bar!

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