Menz Cherrichocs

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Menz Cherrichocs

The long summer here in southern Australia is drawing to a close. Days are getting shorter, temperatures are coming down, warm clothes are being found, and the rains have come to a dry country.

Here where I live, when it rains, by crikey it rains. We don’t get “English Sunshine” hazy rain, we get short but intense downpours. We’re a long way from the tropics, but at this time of year, the rain is very similar to a tropical downpour in Hong Kong, or a summer storm in Greece. Ka-whooompa! And then 15 minutes later it’s all over and done with.

On a cool Autumn morning – waking up to the sound of rain, eating breakfast watching the rain, then the clouds rush by, and then marvelling at the bright sunshine – thoughts most assuredly turn to chocolate.

My most excellent friends at Menz – makers of the venerated and extremely moreish Fruchoc – have another little goody: The Cherrichoc.

Menz Cherrichocs

Imagine a fairly unevenly formed ball of dark chocolate, and buried inside the intense, slightly bitter, slightly marzipan glace cherry flavour normally associated with the cherries used in a Black Forest Cake. The centre is not quite as soft as the label might lead you to think – but chew through that and there is a huge whack of flavour.

Although these come in a fairly tacky plastic bag hung on a hook in the supermarket, the chocolate is a fairly respectable 50% cocoa solids. Surprisingly, given the flavour punch, the centres contain only 7% glace cherries (along with sugar, coconut, and other odds and ends).

Now, as luck would have it, my two teenage sons don’t like preserved cherry of any kind very much. They won’t even eat a Cherry Ripe, instead tossing them over in my direction (Oh no… what a shame!). And, to make matters worse, the Lady Of The House does not much go for dark chocolate.

That means this little pack of goodies are mine, mine, all mine!! Mwah-ha-ha! Soon world cherry domination shall be mine!

Oh… where was I? Oh yes. I get the whole pack and don’t have any obligation to share. What a shame.

If you like Fruchocs and cherries, try these. Seriously yum.


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  1. Mariangela

    Hi Ashleigh, are you sure about world cherry domination?!?
    I am afraid you will find many many rivals, and I am one of them!!! Watch out!! ;-)))

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