Meiji Galbo Biscuit Sticks

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It’s been a while since I tasted anything from Japan and so I got hold of these chocolate coated biscuit fingers from Meiji. Previous Meiji chocolate experiences haven’t been all that great. Indeed the general conclusion here at Chocablog seems to be that most mass produced Japanese chocolate is of a pretty average quality, meaning I didn’t have the highest of hopes for these little chocolate coated biscuit fingers. When I say ‘little’ I mean they’re about a centimetre wide and five or six centimetres long. Not huge, but there are eight of them in the box.

At first glance I thought they might have been covered in dark chocolate, but when it came to tasting them, I was in no doubt about the quality of the coating. It’s tat slightly greasy, shiny chocolate that probably contains the dreaded palm oil (but since the ingredients and all of the product information is in Japanese I couldn’t be completely sure) and delivers very little in the way of good cocoa flavour.

The biscuit appears to have some additional cocoa content and had a slightly grainy texture which seemed to as much to do with the presence of sugar as it did with the actual ‘crunch’. Unfortunately I preferred the biscuit to the chocolate coating, which isn’t really what you want to hear from a chocolate review!

These (and a lot of other Meiji products) are available in the UK as imports but of course that means you’ll be paying a premium for what are essentially pretty average (but nicely crunchy) biscuits with a distinctly less than average chocolate coating. There are definitely better ways to spend your money.


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  1. Als

    Oh, but the packaging sure is pretty! And yeah, Meiji chocolates tend to be that way… 🙁

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