Mast Brothers Conacado

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About eighteen months ago the Mast Brothers took a boat to the Dominican Republic in search of cacao beans, and this bar is the result of that expedition. As well as this ‘standard’ sized tablet they are also producing giant ‘chef’s tablets’ of this which weigh in at a hefty 2lb and cost $42.00.

As a result, this chocolate has been finding its way into ice creams and drinks – in New York of course. I also have sad news. Thus far this bar isn’t easily available unless you happen to find yourself in New York (or, like me, have a friend who recently went there on business and had JUST enough time to pop in to their new shop to buy about 30 assorted bars).

Wrapped in classic Mast Brothers ‘wallpaper’ style, the bar itself is an unpretentious, plainly moulded slab of dark chocolate which gives off complex aromas of fruit, dark sugars and cacao. The beans come from plants which are grown alongside bananas and other crops, and the tasting notes on the package hint at notes of fresh cherries, molasses and strawberries.

One thing that became immediately apparent was the slightly coarse, grainy texture of the chocolate. This is not to say that it was in any way unpleasant, but if you were to compare it to a Swiss chocolate it would be noticeably more coarse on the palate. So what of the molasses and citrus flavours? Well oddly enough there are Strawberry notes in there, underpinned by a dark, rich slightly sweet set of flavours. I didn’t catch much in the way of cherries, but the light, high citurs notes run right through this chocolate from first taste to the long, lingering finish.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but not as highly as some of the Mast Brothers other efforts. It’s undoubtedly good chocolate with a fine pedigree and well worth tasting, but I feel that there are other bars that are worth tracking down before this one. More on that later.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I checked at Paul’s Soho Shop last night, and he does have this in stock, along with most of the Mast Brothers range.

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