Madelaine 72% Premium Dark

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The other time I looked at something from Madelaine Chocolate it was the set of Duets; I didn’t realize at first that I’d come across them again. My main reasoning for picking up this 72% dark chocolate was the ingredients list: chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla. Not as complicated as they come. Afterwards was when I noticed the “All Natural” and “Surprisingly Healthy” lines on the front; maybe that’s why there aren’t extra ingredients.

The bar is divided into three large and thick pieces. They’re too large for my tastes, especially since you can’t really break them into smaller sizes because they’re so thick; not, however, that it makes much difference if you’re eating a whole square or two (or three) at once.

On tasting, the chocolate is of the dessert-tasting kind. Like unto brownies, pudding, etc. It has nutty flavor notes, maybe with a little dark coffee thrown into the mix. There is just enough of a touch of the bitter to keep it in balance.

It isn’t a life-changing chocolate, but it’s enjoyable. Spending an evening with a square of this dark chocolate and a book or movie wouldn’t be anything to complain about. A little simplicity can be a good thing.


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