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No, that’s not the name of my Fantasy Boyfriend. Being barely able to master my mother tongue – English – I’ll come out and confess to you that I have no idea what Aus Fruchtigen Williams-Christ-Birnen actually means (“From fruity Williams Pears” — Dom), but the picture shows a pear, a lindt segment and a glass of wine on the front, so it’s all good from my point of view.

This is another block brought back from Europe by the Adventurous Ashleigh and Marvellous Marie for us to sample together. They have a relative living in Germany who said it was a very popular flavour available there, and both Ashleigh and Marie said that they saw Lindt available even at vending machines in railway stations – now that is commuter travel done right!

As with a toddler’s nappy during a long haul flight, there was a bit of leakage. Marie was concerned but I assured her that meltings, sugary whiteness or leakage was never going to deter a chocablogger with the whiff of Lindt already assailing her nostrils.

The outside was of course Lindt’s classic milk chocolate which is always creamy and a treat all on its own. However this aint no sedate and safe milky treat for the kiddies or nannas wanting to leave their dentures out and have something pleasant to gum on, no way. It may start off innocently enough with the superb milk chocolate which normally doesn’t cover anything too demanding in the taste sensation department. Not so in this case. After the chocolate had melted enough for the filling to emerge, my tongue and taste buds were treated to pear pieces lurking in a syrupy liqueur that had quite a kick to it.

Most liqueur chocolates I’ve tried are coated in dark chocolate, so this is something different and it works. The pairing of creamy and sedate with strong and aromatic produces a surprise in each mouthful. Lindt haven’t put a foot wrong yet, except that it’s not available in Australia.

I know that a three day old yoghurt has more culture than most Aussies, but I reckon we could handle some of this fancy schmancy magermilchpulver Williams-Christ-Birnen stuff – we did invent the disposable wine bladder bag after all.


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  1. Annabelle

    Mate, did you HAVE to bring toddler nappy leakage into it?!

  2. Sorry Annabelle, but you know us Aussies – less culture than a three day old yoghurt! 🙂

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    As editor I am offically banning nappy references from Chocablog! 🙂

  4. Dom, sweetie-lovie-sweetie – it’s called ‘artistic licence’ 🙂

  5. Rita Jackson

    I have had Poire William. It is wonderful! To have it in chocolate would be divine. Poire William is made by growing a pear into the glass bottle, then pear liqueur is added to the bottle. Very expensive, very tasty, almost like ice wine.

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