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Regular readers of Chocablog will already know that I harbor quite the cocoa-crush on South Australian Lindt Guru, Matt Thorpe. He’s tall, cute and smart but most importantly he comes bearing Lindt products for my delight, delectation and in order to protect himself from being raped and/or pillaged.

This time, he held up a gold box and then made a hasty retreat when my attention was diverted.

This sleek gold box just oozes class and sophistication, which are qualities I rarely possess; let alone when something of this stature is given to me.

Matt is always aware that we true chocaholics need substance over style, and the fourteen beauties resting in gold were no exception. Plus, they were dark chocolate, pulling it at a minimum of 41% cocoa solids – not bad for filled centres in my book.

Fighting off Love Chunks and Sapphire for more than my fair share, I present you with:

Lune d’Oranges
Not a fondant, but instead marzipan inside flavoured with orange liqueur. If you don’t enjoy marzipan it won’t be for you, but if you do (as I do), having the additional flavour is delightful. I’m not sure what ‘lune’ means in French-Swiss but surely it’s no coincidence that it rhymes with ‘swoon’?

Again with the marzipan, this time made with pistachio instead of almonds and topped with a glazed pistachio and smothered in dark chocolate. Pistachio seems to be a very faint flavour when done with chocolate, so I’d be struggling to pick out anything else beyond marzipan without seeing the green nut on top.

Hubba hubba hubba – this is really something special. Caramel gets over-used and abused in everyday chocolate bars, but when it’s done right, it should taste like this. They’ve put in two slightly different layers of caramel cream and then adorned it in dark chocolate. I’d love to see an entire box dedicated to this little blast of brilliance.

Dragon Classique
The only dark chocolate is the Lindt dragon logo on top, but all is forgiven with the addition of champagne truffle filling hiding in milk chocolate. Describing this as the ‘dark side consolation prize’ is too much of an insult.

Another orange-themed chocolate, but this time not with marzipan but a stickier, more caramel-like filling. Distinctly orange and fruity and partners perfectly with the dark chocolate.

The volcanic grandparent to the limited-release Lindor Stracciatella balls, this has the snow-capped top filled with cookie bits and the lower mountain done in dark chocolate. If this was made full-scale, it’d be even better.

Cornet Excellence
A cute way to present a dark chocolate truffle for purists not keen on caramel, cookies or marzipan. Stands alone.

I’ve saved the best until last. Amaretti (almond liqueur) biscuit pieces, almond liqueur centre and bound together with dark chocolate. Sounds like a mess, looks like a mess and tastes like the tidiest homage to dark-and-crunch combinations the world over.


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  1. mariana

    my fevorite

  2. …and I can see why. I could easily eat an entire box of any of these chocolates as individual flavours!

  3. Laurenybob

    “lune” means moon in french

  4. Maggie

    I absolutely adore these! Lindt chocs have it all: the taste, the aroma, the sophisticated packaging. They’re perfect as a gift, except you don’t really want to give them away.

  5. Sofía Oliva

    Do you know why a dragon is the logotype of Lindt?
    Your answer would really help me on a work of research I’m doing..
    Thank you in advance,
    Sofía Oliva.

  6. zakariya al shatti

    hello i am zakariya from libya i woner of al-emtiaz golden company and i interisting in thise choclet to treading it to my country can you e-mail me about the price and ship informtion and thank you .

  7. Natasha

    Why is it that with a box of chocolates,some are in wrappers?

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