Lindt Petits Desserts

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For the first time in my life, I woke up with a chocolate hangover. That’s right – no alcohol, stupid dancing, yelling or shouting the entire pub a round of drinks was involved – just this box of Lindt Petits Desserts.

And it’s all Matt the Lindt man’s fault. He waved these in front of his face as a kind of barrier to deflect my attention (again) from trying to rape him for his chocolate stash. Luckily for us both, the diversion worked.

As with all things Lindt, the chocolates are beautifully made to look at as well as eat. There are eighteen chocolates in the box and seven varieties of flavours and I had one of each. My husband Love Chunks and daughter Sapphire had to fight over the remaining eleven, meaning that they didn’t get to try every flavour. But that’s how the cookie crumbles when you live with a dedicated Chocablogger.

So here in no particular order of preference, they are:

Decadently rich, very dark 70% chocolate with chopped nuts. Very dense and cake like – the best chocolate that’s dared to call itself a brownie ever (that’s right, not Cadbury).

Lemon Tart
A smooth milk chocolate cup with white chocolate inside with a very delicate lemon flavour. I would have loved to have seen this encased in dark chocolate instead.

This was a real surprise. The Amaretto almond flavours of the praline shone through without being overly marzipan-y. I could happily eat a box just of these.

Chocolate Log
A soft mixture of milk and dark chocolate. Easy to eat, but almost a let down when it is surrounded by chocolate with other complementary flavours as well.

Dark chocolate base, white chocolate top and a softer centre flavoured with coffee and tiramisu (Italian Marsala liqueur). Very, very nice.

Another surprise along the lines of the macaroon. White, crunchy meringue bits hidden inside the milk chocolate and hazelnut swirl. If Lindt could do this in a 100g block, life would be pretty well perfect.

Crème Brûlée
As with the lemon tart, it is ‘served’ in a milk chocolate cup with a white chocolate filling with distinctly crunchy pieces of caramel. Would taste even better if it was ‘life sized’.

I’ll be honest, I ate far more than just seven. Hence the hangover. Deserved, but, unlike over-indulging in red wine, brandy or mango schnapps, I still wanted to eat chocolate again the next day.


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  1. Marcia

    They sound heavenly!

    • Doc

      Oh belive me, they are. When you bite the one of name merengue it feels like your biting a little piece of a cloud with delicate flavor.

  2. The Tiramisu and those little tarts look pretty delicious. Actually, ya know what, they all do. The Petit Desserts bars are amazing so it’s safe to assume that these would be too.

  3. Maggie

    The Creme Brulee and the Macaroon are just delicious, I could easily live on them for a few days.

  4. BlueSkies

    Wow they sound really nice! I’d want to try the meringue, it sounds interesting.

    Terry’s post: Do they really sell them in bars?! (or is that only in cafes like the city concept store?)

  5. Andrea

    I just bought these at the store and once I got into the car I broke into the box. I sat there in pure bliss for a few minutes and then came back to reality, sadly. I really enjoyed the lemon tart which surprised me because usually I don’t like those kind of things. My least favorite was the brownie but it was still good, however I did not get a chocolate log in my box, what was that like?

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